Office Ergonomics

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Seating consideration for an office workforce  

Author Ben Lumsden, occupational therapist specializing in ergonomics, discusses seating solutions for a workforce.

Top 10 reasons for not swapping out your office chair for an Exercise Ball 

The Swiss Ball or exercise ball was invented in Italy in 1963 as a toy. By the 1980s, the ball had found its way into North American physical therapy settings.

Use of exercise balls as workstation chairs is not recommended by Mayo Clinic in Rochester 

Do you spend 8 or more hours sitting at your desk glued to your computer monitor? Do work and other commitments prevent you from exercising or exercising as much a you would like? If so, you are not unlike the majority, or 78 percent of the American workforce (Day Time Inc.). Wouldn't it be great if exercise sessions could be completed while working?

Canadian Office Ergonomics Guideline (Z412.00)

CSA Group website page: Provides books and electronic information and/or data regarding ergonomic codes & standard, testing & certification, product evaluation for both industrial/manufacturing environments, as well as more traditional office environments.

OSHA Computer Workstations

U.S. Department of Labor: Includes an "e-tool" to help illustrate simple, inexpensive principles to mitigate ergonomic risk factors at a computer workstation, including an evaluation/checklist, tips for solutions and information on employer responsibilities and worker rights.

University of California – Office Ergonomics

Office of Research: Environment, Health and Safety website: Resources (links) online office ergonomic training, receiving ergonomic assistance, how to set-up a computer workstation, maintaining a neutral posture/position in sitting and while keying & navigating, understanding the safe reaching zone, importance of stretching, assistance in making specific equipment adjustments and keyboard shortcuts to assist in maintaining a neutral posture/position (reducing reach) and decreasing use of the input device.

Interview with Jim Sheedy on visual fatigue, for Points de Vue website

This video presents an interview with Prof. Jim Sheedy, Director of the Vision Performance Institute at Pacific University, Oregon, USA on visual fatigue, causes and symptoms of eye strain and some solutions.