Manual Materials Handling

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Material Handling Multimedia Bank

Intended for students and instructors in material handling and logistics, the multimedia bank serves many purposes. Whether you need a picture or a video for your presentation or you need to show different kind of material handling tool to a new employee, the MH Multimedia Bank is there for you.

Lifting Tasks - Oregon OSHA

Lifting is one of the most frequent causes of musculoskeletal injuries at work. Safety and health practitioners, safety committees, and other groups can use a simple evaluation tool to quickly determine safe weight limits for lifting tasks.

Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling

From Cal/OSHA Consultation Service, Research and Education Unit, Division of Occupational Safety and Health, California Department of Industrial Relations: Booklet contains how to improve manual material handling in the workplace, improvement options & resources.

Liberty Mutual Manual Materials Handling Tables

Liberty Mutual Insurance website page: Provides both the male and female population percentages capable of performing manual material handling tasks without over exertion, rather than maximum acceptable weights and forces. Contains a PDF table of many MMH tasks for: lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling & carrying tasks.

Ergonomic Assist Systems and Equipment (EASE)

Material Handling Institute website: Resources (links to PDF's) for trends, information, practices, equipment, and organizations that focus on ergonomics and improving the working interface between people and the materials they must move and use to reduce injury, increase productivity while providing a significant return on investment Includes ergonomic news, ergonomic & safety events & seminars.

This suit will give you superhuman strength

This video presents Lockheed Martin's Fortis exoskeleton that makes 30-pound items weightless. This suit helps overcome fatigue while handling heavy parts.

Meals per hour

This video shows an application of the Toyota Production System in one of the Metro Food Distribution warehouses. Use of smaller size boxes and the rearrangement of the food packing process resulted in shorter packing time and faster food distribution.