General Ergonomics

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Is your child at risk? 

Most kids today prefer to use backpacks to carry their stuff to school. These bags allow the kids to carry weight on two shoulders instead of just one, and they also leave the hands free for other stuff like smartphones. Also, most kids just consider them cool, especially compared to the alternatives. But what’s not cool at all about backpacks is that they can actually cause some harm to your kids. (posted 1-13-15)

The Battery Charger Cable Connecting Tool - Norfolk Southern 

Once the locomotive has been positioned inside the shop, a power source is needed.  This is accomplished by soldering the locomotive jumper cable to a battery charger receptacle pin for power from the building.

Putting Ergonomics in the hands of Engineers or putting it in the hands of Ergonomists? Do we need to choose? - Ford Motor Company

There are many different approaches to take when looking at implementing an ergonomics program within an organization or company. One approach is to implement a program consisting of a trained ergonomist and having that person be the ergonomics program. Another approach is to utilize an existing role/position, provide training and have that role be responsible for ergonomics.

Expediting Return to Work Full Duty with Successful Onsite Medical Management - Emory Healthcare

Returning an injured worker to work full duty is challenging. Emory Healthcare with Emory University in Atlanta is the largest employer in DeKalb County, Georgia, with 29,526 employees. Our employee base increased from 20,000 employees to 29,500 employees in 10 years.

Ergonomic Basic Tools, Screening & Whole Body, Back, Upper Extremities Tools

From the Thomas E. Bernard website page: Provides information (in the format of Excel & PDF) on topics that cover a wide variety of ergonomic tools, ergonomic screens/tests, assessments and standards of both people and their environments.

Cornell University Research & Tools

Cornell University: Provides links to ergonomic software, product evaluation tools & computer related checklists, Healthcare workplace ergonomic tools, Research studies, reports and articles, including ANSI/HFES Standards & Checklists.

Liberty Mutual Manual Materials Handling Tables

Liberty Mutual Insurance: Manual material handling tables for lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling & carrying.

Elements of Ergonomics Programs: A Primer Based on Workplace Evaluations of Musculoskeletal Disorders

The CDC: Practical ways to implement injury prevention programs, including a toolbox of techniques, methods, reference materials and sources for other information that can be used to develop an ergonomic program.

Cornell University Ergonomics Website

Cornell University: A link to guides & information about computer workstation guides, Hospital Ergonomics, Hotel Ergonomics, Library Ergonomics, Information for left-handed people and alter-abled people, an office ergonomics training kit and several Ergonomic Standards.

NIOSH Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders

The CDC: Covers research and scientific support for connections between ergonomics/injury as it relates to the lower back, upper extremity, a variety of environments where ergonomic programs & guidelines have been implemented and ergonomic interventions by industry. Also includes evaluating risk factors for lifting tasks, back belts & back injury, Computer keyboard & video display terminals, vibration and a miscellaneous collections of other ergonomic related resources.

Dumpster Prop

This video illustrates how a simple prop can make transferring trash into a dumpster much easier. This device frees up the hands of the sanitation worker to use both hands for lifting trash.

Introducing The Genworth R70 Age Simulation Suit

The Genworth R70 is a unique, state-of-the-art age simulation suit that will help educate the public about the physical effects associated with aging in order to get America, specifically young adults, thinking about long term care planning.

3DSSPP Instructional Video FULL

This video provides the user of the 3D Static Strength Prediction Program (3DSSPP) with an instructional reference for properly applying the 3DSSPP to aid the evaluation of the physical demands of a prescribed job.

Adjusting your Car Seat and Mirrors

This video provides an instruction in a proper adjustment of the driver's side car seat and mirrors for optimal comfort, support and safety.

Safety Grants - Green Lines Transportation (rolling-tarp system)

This video present rolling-tarp systems, which replaced a dangerous and unwieldy tarp system to cover heavy cargo transported around the U.S. via trucks with flatbed trailers. The rolling-tarp systems prevent injuries and save tens of thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Safety Grants - Cleveland EMS (patient transport equipment or stair chair)

City of Cleveland emergency medical personnel often are exposed to risk of low back and shoulder injuries due to using old and poorly designed equipment to move patients up and down stairs. The city reduced those exposures with the purchase of stair chairs, which are presented in the video.