IISE Training Center Learners Receive Digital Badges and Credentials

The IISE Training Center offers digital badges through Accredible for its continuing education programs. Accredible is a leading platform for creating, issuing, and managing secure digital certificates and badges and is SOC2 Type 2 AICPA Certified. This means Accredible has been audited and certified from the most reputable accreditation standards auditor on the market. To learn more, read the Accredible blog post.Accredible example badge

Digital credentials allow you to present proof of your learnings to anyone, anywhere, any time. Easily post your CEU credential on social media, email signatures, certificates, wherever employers are looking. The world is online - that's where your credentials should reside.

Digital badge process

IISE Training Center digital badges help you stand out with innovative and exceptional features. The awarding of certificates follows this process:

  1. After you meet the requirements for the course, e.g., passed the certification exam, completed the project, attended the event ...
  2. IISE’s provider Accredible will send you an email with instruction on accessing an electronic version of your ...
    • Certification
    • CEU Certificate
    • Digital Badge for including on social media
  3. Certifications are valid for three years and must be renewed here. You will be sent a reminder by Accredible.

Note: Once your credential expires, some functionality will become disabled. You might no longer have access to embedding an image of your credential image in your email signature, and PDF copies of the certificate you download will indicate that the credential is expired.

How to make the most out of your digital badge

  • Document your learning. With IISE Training Center courses and credentials, you continually build your learning portfolio.
  • Display on your LinkedIn profile. Let your LinkedIn network know that you pursue excellence with an always-learning approach.
  • Share on social media. Easy sharing lets your networks know about your accomplishments.
  • Share by link anywhere. Anyone with the link can view your public certificate and only the certificates you choose to share with them.
  • Set as public or private. How and when you share your certificate is up to you.
  • Print or save to PDF. For your files or for framing, keep an offline copy for your records, attach it to emails, embed it in your website, etc.