Classroom Training 

Classroom Training

IISE Training Center Classroom Courses

Our Classes are Designed with You in Mind 

IISE offers a curated selection of classroom training proven to succeed in meeting your professional development goals. IISE training is an investment in yourself and your company, and we have a track record in achieving substantial and measurable results. We excel at advancing individuals’ skills and techniques in ways that enrich and advance their careers. Likewise, our corporate on-site training classes have resulted in significant performance advancements, with companies taking IISE’s Lean and Six Sigma courses realizing as much as $5 million in savings.

Our Instructors are IE and Continuous Improvement Experts. 

Our instructors are experts in industrial engineering concepts and the application of key tools including Lean, Six Sigma and Analytics. They have repeatedly demonstrated their talent in both teaching effective implementation of these concepts through engaging and interactive classroom formats and applying them in business operations.

It's All Customizable. 

In addition to our breadth of current classes, all of our classroom courses are available as fully customized Corporate Training to deliver exactly what you need at your location.

IISE Training Topics

Leadership and Management 

These courses prepare the engineer who is assuming management and leadership positions within their organization. Our newest course, Information Security, is an essential topic in today’s online world.

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Continuous Improvement 

IISE offers dozens of successful Lean and Six Sigma classes, including some of our most popular course offerings, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Green Belt, and Six Sigma Black Belt. Along with advancing countless careers, companies taking IISE’s Lean and Six Sigma courses have realized millions of dollars in savings.

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What Our Clients Have to Say… 

Healthcare Process Improvement 

We offer a variety of offerings in this essential area, including the highly regarded Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare.

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What Our Clients Have to Say…

Technical Skills

We provide thorough training in IE tools and techniques, with classes including our successful PE Exam Review for Industrial Engineers.

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Work Measurement and Design

Traditional ISE topics such as ergonomics, facilities design, and work measurement are available as a review or for the new practitioner. IISE also offers both MTM Blue Card and MODAPTS Certification.

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Lean and Six Sigma Client Testimonials

Six Sigma Green Belt Training 

The IISE green belt training is much more comprehensive than most, covering practical key concepts and examples of various projects. Also, the material is communicated in plain, simple English. A week after taking the exam, I have started working on an improvement project. I highly recommend this training. 

- Travis Wakefield
Optical Coating Engineer
Thorlabs Inc.


I spoke with a number of the participants and they were extremely pleased with the way you taught the class and explained the statistical portion. You did an excellent job and we certainly will talk about some future activities. 

- George Chelovich
CNA Insurance


I honestly feel privileged to have worked with IISE. The professionalism that has been expressed towards me has almost been a sigh of relief when compared to how one is often treated as a student (especially as a student who is a couple years older than the general student body). Also I wanted to add that having the opportunity to be a student taught by Mr. [Doug] Long has been a privilege in itself. Lastly, I have found the speed in which everyone at IISE responds to emails and puts thoughts into action somewhat frightening; I am still not sure how you all do it. Thanks a million again; working with IISE has been a great experience! 

- Ted Mullan
Youngstown State University


I was in the training department for a while, and this is one of the very best I have seen. Thanks to you and your team. They are adept in handling customers. 

- Tolulope Fasakin
Florida State University student


[I want] to say how much of a pleasure it was to have you for an instructor. Throughout the course, it was very apparent that you were incredibly experienced with all of the principles the course was designed to teach. I have rarely been instructed by someone who thoroughly knows the subject matter, enjoys the material and can appropriately teach it. The additional information you provided regarding job searching was something no one else had ever mentioned to me, and it was also very useful. Thank you for passing on a little of your hard-earned experience to the next generation. 

- Joseph Cassata
Youngstown State University


Six Sigma Black Belt Training 

I want to express my deepest appreciation to you for your guidance in assisting me going through the class materials, preparing for the exam, completing the project, and being certified by a renown institute like IISE as a Six Sigma Black Belt. I also want to thank all of the other students in the class for your patience and encouragement. 

The Six Sigma strategy and methodology not only provides me a set of sharp tools at work, which enables me to add more value to my company, it also broadens my career horizon. Because of the certificate, I have already earned more respect from my colleagues! I knew I had made a right choice to pursue this. Again, thank you! 

- Roxanne Tu
Project Manager
Southern California Edison Company


I was extremely satisfied and impressed in the experiences I had through your expertise and knowledge. ... It was a very rewarding and enriching experience that I will use the rest of my life. 

- Mitch Cornell
U.S. Coast Guard


Larry Aft was the best part of the "Six Sigma Black Belt" seminar. His vast knowledge of multiple industries and his experience in training helped me understand how these concepts could be useful in my line of work. 

- Cantrece Green-Ndongala


Lean Green Belt Training 

I just wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with your training with our risk control staff. The feedback has been excellent and I really appreciate that you have helped us "further push" our expertise and customer services. Thank you for a great job and we will be in touch for future training needs as well as thoughts you may have with our health and safety service metrics. Thank you! 

- William Boyd
CNA Insurance


I really appreciate your willingness to accommodate [my employee] and your prompt responses during a holiday week. These dates and the location work perfectly for [him], and hopefully this will give him the training he needs to eventually be an instructor with our internal LGB program. We have realized many benefits from our partnership with IISE. 

-Jonathan Ewaldz
Director, Operational Effectiveness
Performance & Analytics
Palmetto Health


Industrial Engineering Skills 

I wanted to inform you that I passed the industrial engineering-specific PE exam in October! We took the PE Review class in August and it was definitely a huge help. I thought I would reach out and tell you "thanks." 

- Ryan Johnson
GDS Associates Inc.


I received notification that I passed the PE exam, and I owe it in no small portion to the PE Review Course you led last August. 

- Dean Creed


I am the electrical engineer who was just learning the IE material. Your "PE Exam" review class really helped me get focused on what I needed to study and was well worth the money. 

- Laura Hinton