Transformative Leadership Systems - Livestream

3 Days | 0.8 CEUs


Rupy Sawhney, PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Distinguished Professor and Heath Fellow in Business and Engineering at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


Redefining work at a fundamental level will require a major transformational change for organizations in all sectors. At the forefront of this transformation is “Workforce Development.” This will require organizations to build stronger collaborative relationships that mutually address emerging needs and unique skillsets at all levels of the organization. As organizations identify and redefine the “what, why, where and how”, internal support structures will need to be redefined. The importance of organizations and individuals working with the same mission, vision, goals will be critical to remain competitive. To accomplish this, a transformational change of culture will be needed, one that fosters adaptive change and communicates the same message at every level of an organization. Systems Thinking is emerging as a core requirement needed to make this transition. Implementing actions that deliver value will require a human-centric work redesign and new capabilities, both of which necessitate organizational transformation at the Enterprise level. Organizational agility and reliability will be crucial to make faster and better decisions that enable the integration of existing solutions with new technologies. The ability to recruit, develop, and retain workers will depend on the ability of the organization to align people with the skills needed to function and adapt to these changing times. However, organizations can sensibly establish a workforce development plan that incrementally adapts to these changes, engaging leaders to understand the dynamics of these changes. This will provide an innovative response to the emerging needs and opportunities of their current and future workforce, while providing the flexibility for them to develop and grow with industry needs.

The course will be livestreamed from 9am until noon ET May 19-21.

What You Will Learn:

This 3 day, 3 hour per day workshop focuses on three levels of the participant’s development:

  • Unconscious/Conscious Paradigms
  • Critical Problem Solving
  • Development of Technical, Business, and Social Skills 

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