Staffing Models & Human Capital Management

2 Days | 1.4 CEUs


Do you know where your workload assessments and staff modeling efforts fit in the human capital management planning cycle? Do you know the seven types of data you will need to consider when conducting work measurement for the purpose of informing decisions about staffing?

In organizations that depend on an accurate understanding of the number of personnel needed in mission critical occupations (MCO) to deliver planned output, the measurement of work and the computation of required staffing levels is a critical capability. Industrial engineers and analysts responsible for conducting studies to inform the budgeting, hiring, recruiting, and training functions have a critical role and must understand the entire process and deliver recommendations based on sound analytical results.

Staffing models are an extremely valuable planning tool when executives need reliable estimates of human capital needs for current and future reporting periods. Staffing model application results support organizational performance measurement, strategic planning, capital investment planning, operations cost analyses, employment planning, and more. Staffing models are especially useful when similar functions are performed in multiple locations.

What You Will Learn:

  • Where staffing models fit in a human capital management framework
  • Seven types of required data
  • Where and how work measurement relates to staffing models
  • Terminology associated with work measurement and staffing models
  • Staffing model development phases

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