Sustainable Lean Sigma

3 Days | 1.7 CEUs


IISE is proud to present this course in partnership with accomplir®.

Decades of research show that the majority of process improvement and digital change initiatives fail to meet and sustain performance expectations.

This performance expectation disconnect often occurs because of:

  • a lack of leadership involvement and ongoing, effective engagement, and
  • specific desired behavior changes are not adequately identified and prioritized.

Typically, organizations speak about behavior in a generalized manner. They use “behavioral” clichés and general behavioral statements and do not define specific leader and performer desired behaviors.

Behavior Management (Behavior is defined as “what I say or do”) complements Change Management’s focus on people’s thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. But it is Behavior Management that has the most immediate impact on behavior change adoption and sustainability. It has been demonstrated that using Behavior Management dramatically improves user change acceptance and yields more sustainable results, especially in white-collar, technical, service, and professional environments.

accomplir® has pioneered a next-generation Sustainable Lean SigmaSM (SLS) “Integrated Methodology” toolset by embedding key Behavior Management concepts into a DMAIC-based Business Process Improvement methodology. Since 2007, accomplir® has demonstrated that a more integrated approach (behavior, process, and technology) improves user change acceptance and yields more sustainable results. It takes new / changed behaviors, plus effectively designed processes and enabling technology, to improve performance.

accomplir’s® four cornerstones to accelerate and sustain behavior change are:

  1. WE take a business-driven approach and explicitly link Behavior Change and Process/Technology Change at project initiation
  2. Key and Critical Behaviors are incorporated into accomplir® Behavior Annotated ProcessesSM
  3. accomplir® Behavior Change deliverables are reviewed and validated with Key Leaders & Stakeholders, thus,
  4. Leaders are positioned to more actively support new behaviors through positive consequences and feedback

Refining the SLS “Integrated Methodology” toolset in numerous change initiatives over the last fifteen-plus years has enabled accomplir® to:

  • Effectively drive business ownership of the change.
  • Explicitly identify, specify, and prioritize desired behaviors for both performers and leaders
  • Increase Leaders’ active involvement and accountability for accelerating and sustaining behavior change
  • Achieve a 90%+ behavior change success rate across an array of Process & Operational Excellence and business-driven technology deployments

What You Will Learn

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to use accomplir’s® Sustainable Lean SigmaSM (SLS) methodology and tool set to know when, why, and how to:

  • Develop project team & key leaders’ understanding and support of the SLS toolset
  • Document and understand Current-State Behavior Issues and Key Behaviors that influence performance
  • leaders to increase their active involvement and ownership in reinforcing new Future-State Key and Critical Behaviors
  • leader and performer Key Behaviors (i.e., Design for Sustainability©) into Future-State process designs

Course Overview

Day 1 (approximately 6.5 hours)

AGENDA Minutes
Introductions; Workshop Objectives; Agenda 45
accomplir© Behavior Management Facilitator’s Role 30
accomplir© Behavior Management Fundamentals 75
SLS Framework, Methodology & Tools ---
    --Methodology Framework 15
    --Define Phase 90
    --Define Phase 90
    --Analyze Phase 120
Wrap-Up, Plus/Delta 15

Day 2 (approximately 6.5 hours)

Reconnect / Reflections / Agenda Review 30
SLS Framework, Methodology & Tools (continued) ---
    --Analyze Phase 30
    --Design Phase 120
    --Deploy Phase 120
    --Control Phase 60
Wrap-Up, Plus/Delta 15

Day 3 (approximately 4 hours)

Reconnect / Reflections / Agenda Review 30
accomplir© Behavior Management Facilitator Certification & Application Project 180
Wrap-Up, Plus/Delta 30


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Special Note

This course contains copyrighted material from accomplir Inc. and participants will be expected to sign an acknowledgement that those materials are intended for your individual use and not for reproduction or third party certification of the methodology.

Project & Certificate

All students who attend the course and successfully complete all course requirements will earn a certificate of completion and continuing education units (CEUs). Students may choose to also complete a post-course project to earn certification.


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Course Schedule

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