Regression Refresher

0.1 CEUs


This 1-hour course focuses on reviewing the basics of linear regression, multivariate regression, and correlation. Emphasis is placed upon using Excel to perform the calculations.

What you will learn:

  • Activating Excel’s Data Analysis Tool Pack
  • Linear Bi-Variate Regression
  • Correlation
  • Linear Multi-Variate Regression


Five-star class. Enjoyed the review and well worth it.
The difference between a data scientist and an industrial engineer is that the IE looks at the process, methods and balances the social, mathematical, and physical sciences. The course specifically sequenced the scatter plot to linear regression to telling a story with the use cases of abrasion loss, healthcare and preventive maintenance. From there with the data, one can move into AI. Most people are jumping around and the system as a whole is failing. For 1 and 3 there is an engineering and operations focus. It was not far-fetched and touches to what I deal with every day. Especially case 1 and 3.

The course was short and direct. Then, doing the spreadsheet as an example was then priceless.
Essentially, instructor Larry Aft is putting the missing pieces together that IEs do. Most professions know one part but don't put the techniques together to solve a problem.

Most are focused on a narrow area, which leaves out the real pragmatic solution.

I plan to do the course a few more times to reinforce the learning. We need more of these.

Ben Amaba, Ph.D.
Global Chief Technology Officer
IBM Watson and Cloud Division

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Larry Aft, P.E.   Larry Aft, P.E.  
President, IISE Solutions, Inc.