The Basics of Scheduling in Project Management

0.1 CEUs


In any project, the schedule is a very important element to effective project planning. In this seminar, you will be exposed to how to develop a schedule when planning a project. Brian Galli will introduce how to identify activities, how to estimate activity durations, and how to properly sequence activities in order to develop a network diagram. From there, you will learn how to perform the critical path method (CPM) in order to identify the critical and non-critical paths in the network as well as the flexibility available in each activity. Engineering managers, project managers and performance improvement leaders will benefit from learning this critical tool for effective project management.

 What you will learn:

  • How to define activities.
  • How to estimate activity durations.
  • How to sequence activities to create a network diagram.
  • How to perform the critical path method by using forward and backward pass.
  • How to calculate slack (float) in the activities of a network diagram

Registration Fee

Member: $39 Non-Member: $79


  Brian Galli Brian Galli, Ph.D., PE, LSSBB 
Assistant Professor of Engineering at Hofstra University, owner of Apex Strategies Ltd.