Project Management Team Leadership Online

1.8 CEUs


The vast majority of project work in today's organizations is done in a team setting. Project management team leaders must be effective at identifying and resolving team problems in order for the project to succeed. This course  discusses the roles and responsibilities of the project management team leader, in particular their responsibility with regard to project stakeholders. You will learn how project management team leaders can build a positive team environment through effective communication, team building activities and reflective listening. The course also covers problem solving within the team.

What You Will Learn:

  • Describe ways to manage stakeholder expectations
  • Explain different types of team building activities
  • Define reflective listening
  • Identify and resolve team problems more effectively
  • Explain the different characteristics of effective and open team communication
  • Identify the best practices for using email and telephone among team members
  • Identify several common team problems and apply methods for resolving these issues 

Course Content

This self-paced online course consists of six modules, each of which addresses a different aspect of project management team leadership. The final exam covers content in all six modules. You may progress through the modules at your own pace. However, all six modules and the final exam must be completed within six months of registering and paying for the course.

Module 1: Introduction to Project Management Team Leadership
Module 2: The Roles and Responsibilities of the Team Leader
Module 3: Building a Positive Team Environment
Module 4: Team Problem Solving
Module 5: Project Communication
Module 6: Solving Common Team Problems
Final Exam

Registration Fee

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