Methods-Time Measurement - UAS

5 Days | 3.5 CEUs


This version of MTM was developed for processes exhibiting the characteristic features of batch production. The following should exist as application conditions:

  • Order-oriented production of a repetitive nature
  • Repeatable work content despite a large range of product types and varieties
  • Length of work cycles considerable longer than in high-volume production
  • Defined general conditions for work processes
  • Designed processes
  • experienced employees
  • work instruction without detailed description of methods

Typical application areas exist in companies involved in vehicle construction, supplier plants for vehicle construction, tool building, electronic production and logistics.

What you will learn

  • Define work content for batch processes
  • Define MTM motions
  • Determine MTM elemental times
  • Develop MTM standards

Course Content

This 5-day course educates students about the theory and application of MTM-UAS. Here, we’ll use laboratory practice to explore the theory and application of MTM-UAS, a second-generation building block of the MTM system. The MTM-UAS system is based on statistical analysis of the 17 basic MTM-1 motion patterns and is ideal for environments that produce in batches. If a candidate has successfully completed the course, they will be awarded with BlueCard® certification in MTM-UAS. MTM-1 is a prerequiste for the course.


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