Methods-Time Measurement

10 Days | 7.0 CEUs


MTM-1: Methods-Time Measurement (MTM-1) is a procedure which analyzes any manual operation or method into the Basic Motions required to perform it, and assigns to each motion a predetermined time standard, which is determined by the Influencing Factors under which it is made. MTM-1 is used for Process Type 1 activities.

What you will learn:

  • Perform Methods Analysis
  • Define MTM Motions
  • Apply MTM Times
  • Develop MTM Standards

Course Content

This 10-day course includes coverage of the theory and principles of MTM-1; laboratory problems illustrating its principle and use; and a thorough practice in the analysis of Industrial and business operations. BlueCard® certification in MTM-1 will be issued to those that successfully complete the course. The class is normally held M-F of consecutive weeks.


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