Voice of the Customer

0.7 CEUs


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This online course is designed to develop a working knowledge of the Voice of the Customer (VOC) process - a five-step sequence of activities to establish the clear customer requirements necessary to guide product and process design.

After identifying customers through segmentation and targeting, the VOC process gathers and sorts customer needs and wants -both stated and unstated - then develops and translates those requirements into objectives specifications and targets.

What You Will Learn:

After completing this course, you should be able to DO the following:

  • Identify who the customer is.
  • Think about your organization as a collection of processes with customers and inputs that determine the output.
  • Organize and manage VOC market research.
  • Use the results of market research to identify target markets.
  • Understand the dynamics of customer expectations and how they drive the process.
  • Identify two types of customer requirements.
  • Incorporate basics of survey design and execution into customer surveys.
  • Use an affinity diagram to identify critical to quality characteristics (CTQ's or CTQC's).
  • Use a tree diagram to identify critical to quality characteristics (CTQ's or CTQC's).
  • Write an effective operational definition.
  • Systematically identify which inputs may have a more significant contribution to the output(s) of interest using a cause & effect matrix.

Course Outline

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This course has no pre-requisites.

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