Lean IT Essentials for Leaders and Teams

1.3 CEUs


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Learn how Lean principles can transform all aspects of IT, including application development, deployment, security, networks, and infrastructure. An efficient and effective IT team is vital to help you deliver customer value, innovate, and maintain a competitive edge. Our Lean IT Essentials course produces leaders and teams with practical skills that can be applied to create sustainable change in any organization.

Course Content

This course is designed to help your organization become the next success story in applying the principles of Lean IT. The road starts by understanding how Lean IT fits in the world of IT process improvement and project management methodologies, including Agile and DevOps, while also learning more about problem-solving.

From there, you'll be guided through an interactive journey featuring quizzes, practice exercises, and videos from leading Lean IT experts Michael Orzen and Thomas Paider. The course outline covers the following topics in depth: purpose, process, people, problem-solving tools, and leadership principles.

This overview is targeted for IT executives, team members, managers, supervisors and other individuals looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their department through Lean principles.

Online training is ideal if you have limitations on your time, travel, and budget. Our courses provide you with content-on-demand, which means you can set your own schedule, progress at your own speed, and review and re-enter sessions whenever you wish. It's flexible, practice-based, and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

Features and Advantages

  • Blended learning model results in greater training effectiveness
  • Multi-dimensional delivery combines text, animations, audio narration, and experiential simulation
  • Modular structure contributes to cost effectiveness: Only pay for what you need based on the needs of your people

Course Outline

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This course has no pre-requisites. Unlike other online providers, we do not require you to take any prerequisite course for this level of training.

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