Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Livestream

20 Days | 23.3 CEUs


Lean techniques eliminate wasteful activities, while Six Sigma is a disciplined method for meeting customers’ expectations and eliminating defects in any process. IISE’s Lean Six Sigma Training offers the unique approach of weaving both lean and Six Sigma methodologies into a seamless certificate program that can help you achieve substantial improvements in your organization. By completing this course of study, you will gain a solid general knowledge of the theory, composition and implementation of a lean Six Sigma initiative. You will also become proficient in all of the analytical tools necessary to define, measure, analyze, improve, implement and control improvement projects. Participants must provide a windows based computer running Microsoft Office for the training program.

What You Will Learn:

  • Configure to demand
  • Develop lean process flows
  • Implement lean in your organization
  • Reduce cycle time through minimizing wait times
  • Analyze process data using comprehensive statistical methods
  • Control the process to assure that improvements are used
  • Define an opportunity for improving customer satisfaction
  • Implement the recommended improvements
  • Improve existing processes by reducing variation
  • Measure process characteristics that are critical to quality

Course Content

  • Projects
  • Go 'Configure to Demand' - A look at how to move toward a multi-tiered product delivery system using:
    - Product Configuration
    - Planning Bills of Materials
    - Product Delivery System Integration Techniques
  • Learn the Process Flow - A look at how to establish flow and how to make it lean using lean process design techniques:
    - Baseline Process
    - Product Anatomy
    - Process Anatomy
    - Activity Level Data Collection
    - Lean Design
    - Data Analysis
    - New Process Design (Flow, Point of Use, Pull, Quality, Takt)
    - Lean Tools (e.g. Point of Use and Visual Controls)
  • Rate-based Planning - A look at how to plan the resources necessary for operating in a lean environment using:
    - Schedule Cycle and Footprint
    - Mix Model Sequencing
    - Sequencing and Pacing Box
    - Capacity Planning and Response Profiles
  • Pull from Customer Through Supply - A look at how to reduce customer waiting time significantly and increase customer satisfaction using:
    - Finished Goods Inventory Strategies
    - Point of Sale Data
    - Production Planning
    - Material Control
    - Kanban
  • Accomplish supplier and logistics integration
  • Complete a lean enterprise transformation
  • Develop a multi-tiered product delivery system
  • Identify the components of a lean process
  • Integrate rate-based planning and scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Team Skills
  • Six Sigma Philosophy and Structure
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Descriptive
  • Probability and Probability Distributions:
    - Definitions
    - Rules
    - Hypergeometric
    - Binomial
    - Poisson
    - Normal
    - Exponential
    - Chi Square
    - F
    - Student t
  • Confidence and Confidence Intervals
    - Means
    - Standard Deviations
    - Proportions
  • Tests of Hypothesis
    - Means
    - Standard Deviations
    - Proportions
  • Design of Experiments
    - Concepts
    - ANOVA
    - Factorial
  • Statistical Process Control and Process Capability
    - Variables
    - Attributes
  • Process Capability
  • Reliability
  • Measurement Systems Analysis
  • Goodness of Fit Testing
  • Regression and Correlation
    - Linear
    - Curvilinear
    - Multivariate
  • Cost of Quality
  • Exam


Individuals who complete all of the course requirements will receive the Lean (or Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma) Green (or Black) Belt. This certification is valid for three years and must be renewed by emailing cs@iise.org. There will be a $50 fee to cover administrative costs associated with the renewal. Lost certificates may be replaced using the same process.


IISE reserves the right to cancel a class up to 15 business days prior to the scheduled start date

Registration Fee

Member: $7,995 Non-Member: $9,245

Course Schedule

No courses scheduled, contact James Swisher for availability