MODAPTS Certification Livestream

3 Days | 2.1 CEUs


Learn how to use the fastest growing and easiest to use work measurement system, to achieve tangible business results using reliable data.   By the end of this course, you can expect to: 

  1. Be fluent in the language and use of the MODAPTS work measurement system
  2. Apply MODAPTS methods for setting work standards
  3. Analyze and improve existing work methods utilizing MODAPTS
  4. Improve the ergonomics and productivity of work tasks
  5. Apply knowledge gained through this course in order to test to become a Certified MODAPTS practitioner by the International MODAPTS Association, (IMA).

After completing the course materials, you will have the option to take IMA’s Basic MODAPTS Practitioner Certification exam online. The exam is included as part of the course fee. Participants who pass the exam receive the IMA’s Certificate.


  • Basics of MODAPTS®
  • How MODAPTS® reduces the time needed to analyze work
  • How to apply MODAPTS® in a fraction of the time required to perform traditional measurement time studies or other predetermined motion time studies
  • How to use MODAPTS® as a rebalancing tool
  • How to use MODAPTS® as an Ergonomic risk reduction tool
  • The purpose of MODAPTS® and its advantages as a predetermined work measurement system
  • The history behind the development of predetermined time standards
  • How the modular concept is used to determine time values with various types of movements and activities
  • Distinguish the Movement class from the terminal and auxiliary classes
  • Describe paring relationship between Movement and Terminal activities
  • Explain commonly found movements and associated MODAPTS code
  • Correctly classify and assign the number of Mods to various movement examples
  • Differentiate between Get and Put activities in the Terminal Class
  • Correctly define and identify categories of Low and High conscious control
  • Define and correctly identify the element Get and the three types of Puts
  • Recall and differentiate key rules for calculating MODS for High conscious control and Low conscious control activities.
  • Successfully code and assign value to various combinations of classifications of Movement and Terminal activities, including simultaneous activities.
  • Correctly define Auxiliary activities
  • Differentiate between Movement, Terminal and Auxiliary activities
  • Correctly assign value to various combinations of classifications of Movement, Terminal and Auxiliary activities

Practice performing a MODAPTS analysis.  


The On-Demand course is divided into five units. Each unit will include from 30 minutes to an hour of recorded material (audio and video). 

  • Module 1: Introduction to MODAPTS
  • Module 2: Movements
  • Module 3: Terminal class of elements
  • Module 4: Auxiliary class of elements
  • Module 5: MODAPTS analysis


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  • What is MODAPTS?
  • MODAPTS Acronym
  • Predetermined Time Standards
  • MODAPTS Symbol
  • Why Apply MODAPTS
  • History of MODAPTS
  • The Modular Concept
  • MODAPTS Codes
  • Classifying Movement Activities
  • Commonly Found Movements
  • Movement Classifications
  • Movement Classifications
  • Movements - Key Rules
  • Get vs. Put
  • Low vs. High Conscious Control
  • The Element GET
  • The Element PUT
  • Terminal Activities - Key Rules 
  • Auxiliary Class
  • Overview of Auxiliary Activities
  • Practice MODAPTS Analysis
  • Optional Review Summary


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Registration Fee

Member: $1,195 Non-Member: $1,545

Course Schedule

Course ID: 4449 Aug 12 - 14, 2024 Livestream, GA Register