Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Healthcare Online On-Demand

4.9 CEUs


Learn how to integrate principles of business, statistics, waste reduction, and engineering to achieve tangible results in the healthcare arena. Master the use of lean Six Sigma to quantify the critical quality issues in your company. Once the issues have been quantified, lean and six sigma analysis, including statistics can be applied to provide probabilities of success and failure. Lean and Six Sigma methods increase productivity and enhance quality. As a lean Six Sigma green belt, you will be equipped to support and champion lean Six Sigma implementation in your organization. To earn the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate, you will be required to pass IISE's Online Lean Six Sigma green belt exam. The exam is included in the course fee.

Prior seminar participants have reported significant savings from implementing their projects in Green Belt and Black Belt courses.

  • A large urban hospital reduced length of stay and was able to postpone a proposed expansion thereby deferring over $7 million in capital expenditures.
  • A drug store chain save $173 million by managing its inventory of prescription medications more effectively.
  • A regional hospital saved $300,000 annually by eliminating duplication of services.
  • A financial services organization saw $128,000 in cost savings per quarter when they reduced transaction processing rework.
  • A state agency reduced project cost over-runs by 28 percent.


The IISE green belt training is much more comprehensive than most, covering practical key concepts and examples of various projects. Also, the material is communicated in plain, simple English. A week after taking the exam, I have started working on an improvement project. I highly recommend this training. 

- Travis Wakefield, optical coating engineer, Thorlabs Inc. 

What You Will Learn:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Design and develop Lean Six Sigma healthcare projects
  • Determine process capability
  • Employ the DMAIIC process
  • Perform basic statistical analysis on process measurements
  • Prepare root cause and cause effect analysis
  • Support and champion Six Sigma implementation in your organization 

Course Content

  • Lean Six Sigma – Overview and the DMAIIC Process
  • Team Effectiveness - Learn key team effectiveness and project management tools to ensure the success of your projects: Building high-performing teams, team launch, facilitating meetings, communications/effective listening, RACI charts, managing conflict, project management
  • Gate Reviews and the role of the Green Belt in a Healthcare Lean Six Sigma project
  • Voice of the Customer and Kano Analysis – Collecting customer information, customer-focused business strategy, converting VOC into CTQ, developing customer surveys, specifying and classifying customer requirements
  • Basic Tools – Brainstorming, Cause and Effect Diagram, Nominal Group Technique, Affinity Diagram, Force-field Analysis, Pareto Chart, Multivoting
  • Process Mapping – SIPOC, Value Stream Mapping, Swim Lane Chart, Process Flow Charts, Top-down Flow Chart
  • Introduction to Variation and Basic Statistics – Normal Distribution, Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, Mode), Measures of Variation (Variance, Standard Deviation, Range), histograms
  • The Value of Cycle Time – Relationship of Cycle Time, WIP, and Throughput (Little’s Law), Cycle Time in Traditional vs. Lean Operations, Define Process Cycle Efficiency, How to Measure Cycle Time
  • Control Charts – Special Cause vs. Common Cause Variation, Types of Control Charts (Average, Range, Moving Range, Individuals, P-charts), Interpreting and applying control charts
  • Waste Reduction
  • 5S
  • Exam

Online Details

The On-Demand course is divided into nine units. Each unit will include from 30 minutes to 2 hours  of recorded material (audio and video). 

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Unit 2: Voice of the Customer
  • Unit 3: Lean
  • Unit 4: Process and Value Stream Mapping
  • Unit 5: Standard Work and Kaizen
  • Unit 6: Six Sigma
  • Unit 7: SPC and Process Capability
  • Unit 8: Root Cause Analysis and Project Management
  • Unit 9: Summary and Case Studies

After completing the course materials you will have the option to take the online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam. The exam is included in the course fee. Participants who pass the exam (70% or higher) will receive the IISE Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate.

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  • Users of On Demand Seminars must have an established Internet connection.
  • Access to content is only available for 180 days from the date of purchase.

How to Access

After you have registered for the course, you will be emailed access instructions. If you don't receive the email, first check your spam folder and then contact onlinesupport@iise.org.

More testimonials

I really loved the background and the real-life examples. I also really like the practical ways that I could use this course. It seems very relative to today's business. 

- Jennifer Colborn, unit nurse educator for surgical services, Emory Johns Creek Hospital 

Here is the final leg of my project. We made some good improvements and the process is in control. Already some good cost savings and reimbursement we are seeing from this. … Thank you for a great program! I will definitely recommend to my peers. 

– John A. Tucker, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Columbia, Missouri 


Individuals who complete all of the course requirements will receive the Lean (or Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma) Green (or Black) Belt. This certification is valid for three years and must be renewed by emailing cs@iise.org. Effective April 1, 2016, there will be a $50 fee to cover administrative costs associated with the renewal. Lost certificates may be replaced using the same process.

Registration Fee

Member: $1,805 Non-Member: $1,900


Larry Aft, P.E.  Larry Aft, P.E.
President, IISE Solutions, Inc.
Lynn Alters  Lynn Alters
Productivity Coordinator, WellStar Health System