Fundamentals of Industrial Engineering Online On-Demand

2.1 CEUs


Plan to enjoy this seminar that enables you to create process improvement and performance enhancement for your company. Learn how to streamline organizations, facilities, plans, tools, processes, methods and work environments for optimal effectiveness. Discover the responsibilities and practices of an industrial engineer and develop the talents necessary to strengthen overall performance. Whether you work in manufacturing, service or government, this course shows you how to use industrial engineering techniques as competitive tools to improve your organization.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create an improvement strategy and documentation
  • Create an organizational vision, strategic objectives and a long-range plan
  • Make use of process improvement techniques
  • Recognize opportunities for implementing lean principles 

Course Content

  • Introduction to industrial engineering
    - Background and definitions
    - IE philosophy
    - Statistical measures
    - Systems concepts
    - Models and modeling
  • Approaches to process improvements
  • Products vs. processes
  • Man-machine systems
    - Work systems
    - Facilities layout
    - Material handling
    - Scheduling
  • Approaches to product improvements
    - Modern view of quality
    - Reliability
    - Quality, reliability and warranties
    - Six Sigma and lean concepts
  • Quantitative methods for decision making
  • Operations research and industrial engineering
  • Forecasting methods
  • Inventory models
  • Queuing models
  • Mathematical programming
  • Engineering economic decisions
  • The ISE profession
  • Industrial engineering curriculum
  • Functional areas of ISE
  • Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers

This course is of value for professionals who want to improve their performance and their company's performance, including:

  • Team leaders
  • Project managers
  • Operations managers
  • Service managers
  • Productivity managers
  • New industrial engineers
  • Quality professionals
  • Business owners

Online Details

The Online On-Demand course is divided into seven units. Each unit will include from 30 minutes to two hours of recorded material (audio and video).

  • Unit 1 (Introduction) and Unit 2 (People and project success) Part I
  • Unit 2 (People and project success) Part II
  • Unit 3 (Project management)
  • Unit 4 (Process management) Part I
  • Unit 4 (Process management) Part II
  • Unit 4 (Process management) Part III
  • Unit 5 (Performance management)
  • Unit 6 (Improvement)
  • Unit 7 (Pursuit of excellence)


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Elizabeth A. Cudney, Ph.D.  Elizabeth A. Cudney, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Missouri University of Science and Technology