What it Means to Lead Lean: The Inside Perspective of CEO Alan Gleghorn

Presenter: Alan Gleghorn, CEO, Christie Clinic

The role of a CEO has to change along the journey of process improvement, but when actually transforming a culture, generally accepted "lean leadership" is another form of top-down management. Alan Gleghorn, CEO of Christie Clinic, will share his realization that more training, theory, tool-based events and corporate window dressing wasn’t the answer. Furthermore, patients and team members deserve more than is being delivered. Healthcare is in dire need to reform itself from within. In his quest to meet that challenge, Gleghorn has guided his organization through site visits, books, consultants, simulations, tools and models. Every step has brought challenges, frustrations and, upon reflection, insights into what it means to lead lean. The role of a leader is less about managing and more about creating an environment that makes the right work easy to do while staying out of the team’s way, plus helping celebrate and recognizing the team’s successes.

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