Training Within Industry (TWI) in Health Care: Beginning of a Resurgence

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Pre-conference Half-day Workshop

Robert Wrona
Executive Director
TWI Institute

Martha Purrier R.N., MN, AOCN
Director, Kaizen Promotion Office
Virginia Mason Medical Center

Patrick Graupp
Senior Master Trainer
TWI Institute

Learn why and how Virginia Mason Medical Center is using TWI to standardize and implement changes from kaizen activities like Rapid Process Improvement Workshops, in a 24/7 workplace, with minimal interruption of workflow and the quality of care delivery by not having to take people off the floor to train.

Martha will explain how Virginia Mason borrowed the Toyota management method in 2002 elevating quality and safety as top priorities and the VM Production System that evolved has been setting patient-care quality standards for the industry ever since. Patients benefit from greater safety, less delay in seeing physicians for care and more timely treatments. Eliminating waste has provided VM staff with more time to care for patients. Momentum slowed as they began to struggle sustaining the benefits of Lean activities. The search for a solution led them to Training Within Industry (TWI) and the TWI Institute that is a not-for-profit resource for education, training, and networking. Patrick and Bob will provide an overview of the TWI Program. A hands-on demonstration of Job Instruction (JI) will show why VM is able to quickly train people to do a job correctly, safely and conscientiously. You will learn how Job Relations (JR) has helped VM staff to evaluate and take proper actions to handle and/or prevent problems in their workplace; and how easy it will soon be for the people at VM to make the best use of the resources currently available to them by applying Job Methods (JM) to improve their job.