Pursuing Process Excellence in Health Care

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Lean Six Sigma

Kevin McManus
Performance Improvement Coach
Great Systems!

What can you learn from the best practice approaches used and results obtained by healthcare groups such as Bronson Methodist Hospital, Sharp HealthCare, and North Mississippi Health Center? In this session, videos and examples from these Baldrige Award recipients will help you better define healthcare process excellence.

This session is designed to help you both assess the strengths and opportunities for improvement that exist in your current health care work systems. The self assessment will also help you develop an action plan for making these approaches more effective, and in turn obtain better, and more sustainable, results. Examples of approaches from high performance health care organizations will be shared to help you identify what is truly important to your organization, the key processes and metrics that you can use to achieve your performance goals, and those improvement actions that would benefit your own process excellence pursuit efforts the most. You will also get the opportunity to complete a self-assessment based on the Baldrige award criteria.

Videos from Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award recipients will also be used to help illustrate the types of workplace practices these organizations use to improve leadership, strategic planning, patient-focused care, workforce engagement, and process management throughout their organizations. These videos, along with the session handouts, will help you better understand how the Baldrige criteria and scoring guidelines are designed to promote and encourage process excellence in all aspects of health care delivery.