5S An Entire Hospital System in 5 Months

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Lean Six Sigma

Matt Morrissette
More Effective Consulting, LLC.

Rachel Cassidy
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Southwest Washington Medical Center

Learn a unique approach and success story to get ALL your employees involved and committed to Lean Healthcare and continuous improvement through the use of 5S. 5S has been around and is often used for continuous improvement, but we will present a unique way to utilize 5S so you can initiate this approach in your own system - within a month - regardless of your "roadblocks"! This unique approach allows less resources to manage CI activity, provides maximum results and builds strong long term habits within the culture. Millinocket Regional Health System and More Effective Consulting present and explain these unique techniques in getting it done!

To "5S" an entire health system, an entire hospital or a large scale deployment of Lean Healthcare 5S is not easy and perhaps has never been done before - successfully. This presentation explains how to successfully deploy 5S on a large scale. We also explain how to successfully continue long after the first wave of 5S. This doesn't have to be your first or your primary Lean Healthcare initiative; just another tool of Lean to strive for perfection and getting all your employees involved. We'll explore how Millinocket Hospital in Maine brought 5S to more than 350 employees with more than 92% of their health system committed to 5S results. We will answer questions like how do you communicate effectively before, during and after the initiative. How do you audit and facilitate dozens of projects simultaneously. How do you capture the results, quantify them and encourage more. How do you get almost all your employees committed? How do you continue more 5S after 5 months? Why take 5 months? Millinocket Hospital has engaged Lean and conducted numerous other Kaizen events since 2007 with the help of More Effective Consulting.