Recruiting Change: Process and Productivity Improvement in Human Resources

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Labor Management

Jared LeBaron
Sr. Management Engineer
Intermountain Healthcare

Have you ever experienced chaos? Have you had employees so disgruntled that mass exodus was on the horizon? This is an example of a process and productivity improvement process that used simple data collection and analytical tools to transform an HR department that was collapsing on all sides and transformed it into a well functioning collaborative department.

The Human Resource department at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah was experiencing significant challenges. The situation was described as chaotic, frustrating, and potentially crippling due to excessive workloads on existing staff. This presentation will address the process of how Management Engineering in partnership with Human Resources transformed a disorganized recruiting process into an efficient collaborative working environment. The use of traditional process improvement methodology, creative data collection tools, and simulation helped formulate a process which eliminated waste and redundant tasks, decreased the time required to manage open requisitions, increased employee satisfaction, improved manager / recruiter relations, and gave structure to the Human Resource department.