Size Matters; How Big Does Your ED Need to Be?

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Emergency Services / Patient Throughput

Jeanne McGrayne
Premier, Inc.

As Emergency Department visits continue to rise, more healthcare organizations choose to increase the size of their ED to solve the problem of overcrowding. Learn how to utilize industry benchmarks, historical volumes, and a simple Excel based simulation model to forecast just how big your ED needs to be.

In response to increases in Emergency Department patient volume, patient dissatisfaction and overcrowding, many acute care organizations are choosing to renovate current or building new facilities. As a result of inadequate planning, weve seen millions of dollars invested in construction of facilities that are outgrown within a few years. Departments that are built too large are often found to be overstaffed and inefficient. Do you really need more beds or could you improve efficiency and save major construction costs?

In this session, by way of a Power Point presentation, attendees will learn how to use ED comparative benchmarks to identify opportunities for process improvement, staffing changes, and facility size. Key operational and clinical practices and processes necessary to maximize ED efficiency will be presented. The presenter will utilize an Excel spreadsheet simulation model to show how historical and projected ED volumes, patient arrival patterns, and the anticipated ED length of stay can be used to calculate the size and staffing of a new or existing ED.