Ways and Wonders of Change?

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Change Management

Duke Rohe
Improvement Advisor
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

We are so good at the process side of change, but the people side of it seems more of an art than a science. This presentation will provide the principles, tips and tricks behind change. (p.s. none of us are immune to its affects)

Just when you thought it was safe to come outside and in comes another change. One that upsets our plans: personally, professionally and organizationally. If we are to be the instigators of good process change, we had better gain the skills to help those affected that are affected by it. Unfortunately, there was little the classroom could do to prepare for this. - You Change: You can't pass on more than what you have. We'll explore how willing you are to change in order to make change happen. - Interdepartmental Change: A 10-Things tool can help friction between linked departments to turn frustration into a pact of mutual support. - Run the Business/Change the Business Change: There must be a mastery of doing both concurrently if we are to survive delivering service today while designing what service needs to be next year. - Departmental Change: Impossible is a matter of perception. There are some important change lessons learned from mountain climbing experts in getting their clients to make a 500 foot vertical climb.

Tip: You can ride the waves of change or be tossed by them. You choose!