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Surgical Services

Jayme Price
Management Engineer
West Florida Division, HCA

Beth Bozzelli
RN, OR Division Clinical Specialist
West Florida Division, HCA

This session will describe why and how the West Florida Division of HCA, consisting of 15 hospitals, implemented a program to streamline their Operating Rooms and how using this 4-step plan, will improve satisfaction, compliance and efficiency.

"But we've always done it this way," is heard throughout the OR industry. In the work place, variation can lead to inconsistencies. With the demands and expectations to grow surgical volume and improve physician and staff satisfaction, streamlining processes is essential to driving improvement and efficiency. West Florida recognized that the inconsistencies were not in processes alone. The "people, processes, and technology" approach was taken to develop a standardization plan for 15 hospitals in West Florida. The joint efforts of a Clinical Specialist and a Management Engineer, coupled with strong relationships with the OR Directors, proved to be the key to successful roll-out of Division-wide standardization. This standardization ranges from how the staff picks a case to how procedure dictionaries are developed. Since implementation, process and system audits have been instituted to ensure hardwiring of change. As a result, West Florida offers World Class, consistent service to our surgeons.