Re-positioning Accountability in Labor Management: Success Stories

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Craig Dickinson
Client Services Manager
Premier, Inc.

Michael Myers
Division Director, Finance
Southeast Alabama Medical Center

Andy Durham, Sr.
Performance Engineer
St. Mary's Healthcare System, Inc.

Presentation will provide "lessons learned" on infusing accountability into the management of labor through an overview of two success stories (Southeast Alabama Medical Center and St. Mary's Healthcare System). Position yourselves as "labor coaches" to directors, managers and the executive team to drive budget compliance and continual process improvement. See projects become easier to implement when accountability is introduced through a continuous "process" rather than one-off initiatives.

Introduction - The journey of two facilities in creating a successful labor management program will be reviewed; a 400-bed referral facility in Dothan, Alabama and a 150-bed facility in Athens Georgia. My role was as a Performance Partner at the facility in Dothan and as the supervisor of the performance engineer in Athens.

Content - Slide presentation detailing labor management journey of both facilities; details of each accountability policy and "lessons learned" What made each successful, what pitfalls were overcome, how did each end up succeeding? What constitutes success?

Results - Both facilities instituted an accountability process as part of a labor management program and achieved labor savings far in excess of the cost of resources utilized (Dothan = 1.9 million saved FY2006; Athens = 1.04 million saved since implementation August 2005).

Tools Used - Creative engagement of executive team; standardization of processes, formalization and communication.