Originality & How to Become More Than You Are

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Duke Rohe
Improvement Advisor
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Are you the same, or different? When others think of you, what do they think? How different is your work than the one sitting beside you? How does it stand out? Come discover change models, thinking, and techniques to accelerate your value to you, your hospital and the profession you serve.

So, how original are you? How original are the presentations at this conference? How different are you this year than you were last year: both personally and professionally? This presentation gives insights on how to develop your originality and become more than what you are.

Expect to learn about how change models can be employed for originality: Use of Kotter's 8 Steps in organizational transformation, 7 Levels of Change employed in work and at home, and Run the Business/Change the Business model that allows you to do both concurrently. You will learn how to personally excavate original thinking from a leadership course on Thinking About Thinking. It demonstrates how technology has been leveraged to move a culture toward improvement and service. It shares the Isaac's model of 'Dialogue', the art of thinking together and the little known Osborn-Parnes Creative problem solving process which generates solutions at three times typical rates and effectiveness. If all this sounds a bit strange for this kind of conference, it should. It's original.

So, do you want more of the same or would you like to learn something different?