Applying Redesign Principles to Design ED and Hospital Patient Flow Processes

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Emergency Services

Jeanne McGrayne
Premier, Inc.

Attendees of this presentation will learn the key principles of process redesign such as push vs. pull, serial vs. parallel processing and reducing process variation. Participants will be provided examples of how these principles can be applied to ED and hospital throughput processes to achieve greater efficiency and reliability.

This presentation will provide background on how these principles are applied to redesign processes in healthcare and non-healthcare settings. A Power Point format will be used to display these principles, as well as examples of how they have been applied to gain efficiencies and standardization. The presenter has 16 years of experience with process redesign in Emergency Departments and will provide multiple scenarios where a principle, such as push vs. pull, serian vs. parallel processing, and reducing variation have reduced delays and streamlined steps. In the Emergency Department reducing variation is critical to patient and staff satisfaction. This presentation will describe those measures that an organization should be routinely monitoring and reporting to reduce process variation. Examples of these measures will be provided.