Building Bridges to Clinical Improvement

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Clinical Performance Improvement

Jack Jordan
Administrator Quality Initiatives
Henry Ford Health System

This presentation will discuss the needs in clinical improvement and how non-clinical support can add value through engineering knowledge. Numerous project examples will be discussed ranging from project support for the IHIs 5 million lives campaign and a dialysis FMEA and work plan to support clinical protocol development and spread.

Presentation outline:
A symbiotic relationship - Skills of engineers - Skills and needs of clinicians - Filling the gap with engineering knowledge and skills Roles in improvement - Project management - Team facilitation - Measurement support - Developing relationships and credibility to support future improvement work - Continuously identifying new skills required of both clinical and non-clinical staff Examples - 5 Million lives campaign process and measurement design, spread among hospitals - Glucose protocol - development in ICUs, spread to general practice units and in depth analysis of specific populations. - Heparin drip protocol creating a surgeon-supported procedure for treatment of DVT. - Dialysis FMEA facilitating a team to discover and prioritize opportunities for improvement in dialysis care. Opportunities in the future