Does Your Health Care Culture Support High Performance?

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Leadership and Cultural Change

Kevin McManus
Performance Improvement Coach
Great Systems!

Your organization's culture may not fully support the changes in behavior and skill application that you are expecting people to make. In this presentation, participants will learn to use a simple assessment tool to detect cultural inconsistencies and identify high leverage, low cost improvements that can help shift a culture.

Providing training, changing procedures, and redesigning work stations are not enough to sustain high performance over time in a organization. Additionally, many organizations struggle to spread effective work practices and thinking across all departments. In order to sustain a organization-wide improvement effort, key systems must be changed in order to drive the necessary behavior shifts that help shape culture.

The High Performance Culture Assessment was created to help organizations better define those aspects of their culture that are currently inconsistent with the types of thinking and behavior that are needed to sustain high performance. Thirty questions are used to assess cultural support tendencies such as job design and compensation, employee involvement practices, resource allocations and limits, and leadership accountability.

Each participant will receive a copy of the High Performance Culture Assessment and a "How To" guide for beginning to address the more common system design flaws that lead to cultural shortcomings. Real work examples will also be used to illustrate how the key systems that an organization uses each day can lead to cultural attributes that are inconsistent with high performance methodologies. These examples will also help show how system changes can help shape a organization's culture over time.