Modeling Space Needs With Excel: Cardiac Catheterization Prep and Recovery

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Operational Performance Improvement

Connie Allen
Clinical Information Engineer
Athens Regional Medical Center

Use Excel to model patient flow, wait times and space needs. Learn the formulas and steps used to analyze a unit including what-if scenarios for changing the mix of patients among ambulatory treatment, cardiac catheterization and surgical prep and secondary recovery, and pre-admission testing.

This is a case study in response to the question "Can advantage be gained by combining all of part of three processes: pre-admission testing, cardiac catheterization and ambulatory treatment?" At Athens Regional Medical Center, these were three distinct areas.

I looked at the similarities and differences of the skills and equipment needs of the different patient mixes in each of these areas to determine which patients a staff with the same training could treat in the same space with the same equipment.

I evaluated processes, volumes, hours, and peak times using Excel. I aggregated data on the current process from manual logs to analyze patient waits and space utilization. Attendees will learn the formulas in Excel needed to analyze this data. Then I ran what-if scenarios for combining various patient types to evaluate space needs. Lastly, I looked at potential process changes to reduce patient waits and space needs.

Athens Regional Medical Center has rearranged the mix of patients in both ambulatory treatment and cardiac catheterization. We have remodeled physical space for cardiac catheterization and pre-admission testing. We improved processes for patients, staff and physicians.