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Engineering Economics Analysis 12e by Donald Newman, Jerome Lavelle, Ted Eschenbach. Published by Oxford University Press, ISBN-10:0199339279 / ISBN-13: 978-0199339273. 704 pages (Nov. 2013). Hardcover

Book Browse - Sept. 2015This book offers comprehensive coverage of financial and economic matter for engineers with an emphasis on problem solving, life cycle costs and time value of money. The authors wrote a book with concise, accessible writing, practical emphasis, and contemporary examples linked to students' everyday lives make this text the most popular among students. This book isolates the problems and decisions engineers commonly face and examines the necessary tools for analyzing and solving those problems. The majority of the chapters conclude with sections designed to help readers create spreadsheets based on the material covered in each chapter. (The book's organization allows omission of spreadsheet instruction without loss of continuity.) This emphasis on spreadsheet computations provides excellent preparation for real-life engineering economic analysis problems.

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