SEMS Says | Introduction to Natalie Scala

I am happy to introduce myself to the SEMS community. I joined the SEMS Board as one of two new directors in June and am an Assistant Professor in the Department of e-Business and Technology Management in the College of Business and Economics at Towson University.

Before working with SEMS, I served on the Board for the Engineering Economy division and was the track chair for IE in the Military at this year's Annual Conference and Expo in Nashville, Tennessee.

SEMS continues to provide value to its members, and this year we have many exciting initiatives planned. Through this column, I will keep you up to date regarding these programs. You also will see announcements related to the 2016 ISERC Conference (at Disneyland!), student-focused contributions, and messages from both SEMS President Suzie Long and other board members.

In the July/August SEMS Says column, Long wrote about volunteering and making the most of opportunity. We have something for everyone – professionals, academics and students – in SEMS, and I encourage the community to become involved, whether via participating in something you read about in this column or supporting a new initiative.

This year, the SEMS board is exploring the development of a formal mentoring program. Mentoring is an integral part of career development for young professionals and also provides solid benefits for experienced professionals. Young professionals and professionals new to engineering management or industrial engineering grow from being exposed to new opportunities, receiving tactful advice, and having a confidant outside their leadership chain with whom to receive feedback and discuss ideas.

Seasoned professionals take pride in imparting their wisdom, sharing their experiences and helping others avoid career mistakes. While working in industry, I benefited greatly from mentoring programs; and I now appreciate the mentors, I have in the academic community. SEMS hopes to facilitate development for all members, so if you have ideas related to mentoring or would like to help establish such a program, please contact me.

SEMS is an active community with much to offer for academics, professionals and students. There are plenty of opportunities to get the most of your membership. If you have something you would like the SEMS community to know about, would like to contribute to this column, or have a question, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with everyone.

Natalie Scala is an assistant professor with the Department of e-Business and Technology Management, College of Business and Economics, Towson University. She also the new SEMS Says Coordinator for the SEMS Board.