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3D Printing: Rise of the Third Industrial Revolution by Aaron Council and Michael Petch. Published by Gyges3d.com, ASIN: B00IPO42F2, 116 pages (February 2014). E-book.

/uploadedImages/IIE/Community/Technical_Societies_and_Divisions/SEMS/book reviewMay2015.pngIn a few decades, our existence will be transformed by the three-dimensional printing revolution. As Council and Petch note in this very interesting book, products, supply chains and economies will go through tremendous change as a result of this incredible technology. In fact, a lot of such changes are beginning to happen. The authors make a very strong case for this argument by discussing 3D printing dramatically altered the prototyping and consumer testing process of the XBox One console and controller.

In this book, authors correctly note in this wonderful book that as the use of 3D printing technology become more commonplace, it will have far reaching impacts on manufacturers, consumers, and society in general. 

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Haleh Byrne, product lead for industrial engineering and continuous improvement, North Carolina State University; and Arsalan Safari, Ph.D., postdoctoral associate, Sociotechnical Systems Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology