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Effective FMEAs: Achieving Safe, Reliable, and Economical Products and Processes Using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis by Carl Carlson, published by John Wiley & Sons Inc., ISBN: 978-1-118-00743-3, 464 pages, May 2012

Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is a systematic, proactive team-based approach to identify likelihood of occurrence, probability of detection and impact severity of failure in any product, process, design or system. As a consequence of this assessment, recommended corrective action for susceptible areas are addressed, documented and ultimately implemented.

In this 435-page, sixteen-chapter book, Carl S. Carlson establishes a new standard for planning, conducting and effectively implementing FMEA. Carlson has written a very comprehensive book that covers the most common types of FMEAs, including system FMEAs, design FMEAs, process FMEAs, maintenance FMEAs, software FMEAs and others. It also presents chapters on fault tree analysis, design review based on failure mode (DRBFM), reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), hazard analysis and FMECA (which adds criticality analysis to FMEA).

With extensive study problems and a companion Solutions Manual, this book is an ideal resource for academic curricula as well as for applications in industry.

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