Bio - Russell Wooten

Russell Wooten is the IT strategy manager for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration.

Russell is a business professional with 25 years of private sector leadership aligned with 10 years in the federal government; combining skills in project management, industrial and systems engineering, operations research and management science, and knowledge of advance technologies to bring greater efficiencies to his mission of protecting the nation’s transportation systems and ensuring freedom of movement for people and commerce.

“I’m an IE because I believe in industrial engineering and what our members are capable of accomplishing. I’ve used my skills to solve business problems in more than 40 countries. It was indeed an honor to be a recipient of the IIE Fellows and SEMS Management awards. Along with these honors, I was selected as Engineer of the Year by the Washington DC Council of Engineers and Architects, received the INFORMS Moving Spirit Award for work with their DC Chapter, am a Franz Edelman Finalist, a member of the Edelman Academy, and Edelman Laureate. As IE’s National Capital Chapter president since 2004, we have received Gold CAR Honors every year since 2005.”

He has also served as IAB Chair and SEMS president.

Among his many government contributions, Russell co-led efforts between TSA and the airline industry to eliminate the secondary security check at the boarding gate. Russell’s professional contributions included BPR efforts at our plutonium sites in Hanford, and nuclear remediation in Russia. His local community contributions include judging between 12-18 science fairs each year since 2003.