IISE Certificate Renewal

You must renew your certification every three years. There is a $25 fee to cover administrative costs associated with the renewal. You may replace lost certificates using this same process.

The certificate renewal process is described below:

  1. Enter the required information below. The system will attempt to find your information and then validate your identity. The website will then display your contact information.
  2. Please provide your most recent contact information. Make sure you provide us with your latest email address; this is how you will obtain your new certificate.
  3. After updating your contact information, you will go to the payment page. Please enter your credit card information.
  4. After we process your payment, we will email your certificate at the email address provided within 3 - 5 business days.

Some certificates issued prior to 2012 will not be in the system. If the system cannot find your information, you will need to contact customer service at cs@iise.org or 1-800-494-0460 to obtain your certificate

Enter your name as it appears on your certificate:
Choose the course shown on your certificate:
Enter identifying number at the bottom of certificate:
Enter an email address that you provided IISE (We will use this to validate your identity):
If you are a current or former IISE member and know your member number, please provide it below (We can also use this information to validate your identity if we can't find a matching email address):