The conference schedule will provide dedicated time for attendees to visit the exhibit hall and take advantage of this unique collection of new products, solutions and ideas focused on ergonomics.

In addition to an impressive variety of vendors, the exhibit hall will showcase the annual Ergo Cup® exhibits. 

View the Exhibit Floor


3ARM | Booth 527

Each 3ARM is customized for your tool and application at the factory to optimize the arm for your process and achieve out of the box performance. The Manipulator can be equipped with a variety of specialty gripping tools. The Manipulator aids the operator in precise ergonomic work handling.


Applied Ergonomics Society (AES) | Booth # 610

AES, the Applied Ergonomics Society, is a worldwide resource dedicated solely to the support of the ergonomics profession and individuals involved with improving workplace performance, quality, sustainability and employee availability. AES provides provide knowledge, training, and networking opportunities to enhance the skills and effectiveness of the ergonomics professional.

Aubin Industries

Aubin Industries | Booth 605

Aubin’s patented products, innovative technology and individualized problem solving create groundbreaking manual and assisted mobile systems to fit your material handling needs. Come learn about our NEW Swivel-EAZ® PROSD and Light Duty lines, which bring the patented Swivel-EAZ Pro® dual swivel action to extreme load environments. This caster system has been rated and certified up to 20,000 lbs.



BakkerElkhuizen | Booth 416

At BakkerElkhuizen we specialize in high-end office ergonomic hardware and software solutions that contribute to the well-being of computer users. Our innovative tools help employees adopt healthier postures, move regularly and work efficiently. BakkerElkhuizen reduces employee discomfort and injury in the workplace along with the associated insurance and business costs.


BCPE | Booth 507

BCPE is the certifying body for individuals whose education and experience indicate broad expertise in the practice of human factors/ergonomics, offering these credentials: Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), Certified Human Factors Professional (CHFP), Certified User Experience Professional (CUXP), Associate Ergonomics Professional (AEP), Associate Human Factors Professional (AHFP), Associate User Experience Professional (AUXP) or Certified Ergonomics Associate (CEA).


Bionic Lift LLC | Booth 407

Bionic Lift LLC is the US Distributor of the Skelex 360, a lightweight, wearable, non-powered, upper-body Exoskeleton with an innovative carbon-fiber FlexFrame.  The Skelex 360 has high ergonomic wearability without limiting freedom of movement while also reducing muscular-skeletal strain when working overhead, holding tools or with arms extended.  Ideal for assembly, construction, maintenance, mechanical and other trades.

Blickle Wheels and Casters

Blickle Wheels and Casters | Booth 219

Blickle Wheels and Casters is a leading manufacturer of Ergonomic Solutions across all industries. We offer Best in Class product testing and individual or group training/certifications at our Blickle US Headquarters. Call us at (888) 558-7878 to schedule a visit to our Customer Experience Center.


BodyBilt by ErgoGenesis | Booth 126

Our life’s work is to put you in the best possible position to do yours. Manufactured by ErgoGenesis, BodyBilt seating and workplace solutions have long exemplified the evolution of ergonomic thinking. This year we proudly introduce three new ergonomic products: Next24, Pendum, and Midback Aircelli. Stop by and see us!

Briotix Health

Briotix Health | Booth 521

Briotix Health builds relationships with clients and their workforce to deliver meaningful results in employee health while leveraging next-generation technology. We focus on Industrial Sports Medicine™, BTE™ Employment Testing, Office Health & Ergonomics, and Specialized Solutions.

Caster Connection

Caster Connection | Booth 226

Caster Connection’s team of veteran experts will exhibit ergonomic caster, wheel, and mobility solutions for visitors’ toughest challenges. Stop by for tips on reducing downtime in your facility by eliminating employee ergonomic injury and product failure, and learn about our push/pull collaboration with The Ohio State University Spine Research Institute.

Center for Occupational and Environmental Health

Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (COEH) | Booth 525

The UC Ergonomics Research & Training Program engages in research, education and consulting services to understand the mechanisms leading to musculoskeletal and cardio-metabolic disorders, then identify and evaluate environment, designs and work practices that reduce the risk of ill health while optimizing human performance. As a NIOSH ERC, we offer graduate student support and a variety of continuing education opportunities.

Chubb Global Risk Advisers

Chubb Global Risk Advisors | Booth 307

Chubb Global Risk Advisors creates custom solutions to help you make your workplace safer, prevent or mitigate property damage, minimize environmental impact, and leverage technology to enhance efficiency. Our team works with you to develop and execute solutions that align with your organization’s vision and values and achieve your goal.


Contour Design | Booth 522

Contour Design is a global leader in ergonomic mouse design. We strive to provide unique and innovative solutions that provide users with an ergonomic mouse without sacrificing productivity. Come by our booth (#522) for a live demo of the RollerMouse Red and Unimouse, the world’s only fully adjustable mouse.

Darcor Casters and Wheels

Darcor Casters and Wheels | Booth 406

Since 1931, Darcor Casters and Wheels has been the world leader in high performance caster solutions—helping companies and organizations in every industry to keep things rolling more easily, safely, quietly, and reliably.

Across the board, our work has assured that our casters and wheels are the best in the world.

Doctors of Physical Therapy

Doctors of Physical Therapy | Booth 609

We provide onsite physical therapy & prevention for companies of all sizes across the U.S. All services provided by a licensed physical therapist v. an ATC. Our prevention and therapy are functionally based. We can be onsite full or part time. No capital investment – we pay for all startup costs. www.doctorsofphysicaltherapy.com

Durable Superior Casters

Durable Superior Casters | Booth 319

Durable Superior Casters is one of the most innovative, trustworthy providers of casters and wheels in the North America.

The EASE Council

The EASE Council | Booth 426

The EASE Council, a division of the MHI (Material Handling Industry) is a trade association of 18 manufactures of material handling equipment which offer solutions that provide better human results and increased productivity to the ergonomic challenges in the industrial workplace.

Ekso Bionics

Ekso Bionics | Booth 122

Ekso Bionics is a leading developer of exoskeleton solutions that amplify human potential. During Applied Ergonomics Conference, Ekso Bionics will be demoing the EksoVest – an upper body exoskeleton that elevates and supports a worker's arms to assist them with tasks ranging from chest height to overhead.


Enviance | Booth 625

Enviance is an industry-leading Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) software provider. Our Ergonomics Cloud solutions (formerly Remedy Interactive) include Office Ergonomic Solution (OES), Case Manager and RSIGuard.  Learn about Ergonomic Assessment/Training best practices that can help you focus on the right priorities and increase the effectiveness of your ergonomics program.


Ergo Advantage Inc. | Booth 511

Ergo Advantage is North America’s leading manufacturer of modular ergonomic PVC matting. For 25 years our tiles have been improving industrial employee comfort and safety. They have the best warranty and environmental footprint on the market. We pride ourselves on exceptional product quality, incomparable service, and long-term value to customers.


ergoCentric | Booth 516

At ergoCentric, our sole mission is to design and manufacture the best ergonomic chairs in the world and we are recognized as North America’s premier manufacturer of high-quality ergonomic seating for office, specialty and healthcare environments.

The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina

The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina | Booth 308

The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina is a membership-based organization housed in the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University. The Center’s highly experienced, board-certified ergonomists provide the highest quality ergonomics consulting, training programs and research for companies throughout the world. Our services include onsite training, job and task analysis, program development, engineering design guidelines, and cost-saving solutions for both industrial and office ergonomics.


ErgoScience | Booth 327

ErgoScience helps employers decrease work-related musculoskeletal strains/sprains and slips, trips and falls. We provide pre-hire and return-to-work Physical Abilities Testing, Job Analysis, Ergonomic Assessment, Worksite Early Intervention/Rehabilitation and employee education and training.  Come by our booth to see a demo of our new grip sensor gloves for job analysis.


Ergotron | Booth #410

Ergotronuses movement to improve how people work, learn, play and care for others. With a focus on healthcare, education, general office and custom solutions, we rely on human-centered design principles and the technology of movement to build environments that help people thrive. Our products remove limitations to support healthier, more productive environments for life and work. Ergotron is moving you forward.


Ergoweb | Booth 215

Since 1995, companies have trusted Ergoweb to help develop and deliver effective and sustainable ergonomics programs. Our flexible Ergoweb Enterprise™ cloud-based software gives employers the tools, knowledge and processes to continuously improve workplace ergonomics. Simple. Adaptable. Streamlines management reporting.

Flokk (HÅG)  

Flokk (HÅG) | Booth 420

HÅG Capisco is a design icon inspired by a horseback rider’s posture. Its pioneering saddle seat and unique shape offers endless ways to sit or half stand. This encourages you to vary your positions. It is perfectly suited to any table height. We also will feature HÅG Futu and HÅG SoFi.


Goldtouch | Booth 512

Goldtouch offers ergonomic solutions designed to increase productivity, employee satisfaction and ROI, while decreasing RSI's, Workers Comp Claims, and absenteeism. Goldtouch products range from ergonomic wired and Bluetooth keyboards, to wired and wireless ergonomic mice, as well as numeric keypads, wrist rests, laptop stands, and our EasyLift Sit/Stand Desk Converter.


GoX Labs | Booth #323

Visit GoX Labs and see how we can help to reduce workplace injury by 30% with GoX Ergo, our innovative wearable IoT technology. We focus on monitoring fatigue, thermal stress, and lifting form, giving both employees and employers actionable data to prevent injuries on the job and improve wellness. 

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co.

Hamilton Casters & Carts | Booth 519

Hamilton Caster manufactures industrial casters and wheels with capacities from 150 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. Popular models are stocked for same-day/next day shipment. Hamilton gladly engineers custom solutions for special applications. Hamilton also manufactures a complete line of industrial carts and trailers, with capacities from 1000 lbs. to 100,000 lbs.

Health Postures

HealthPostures | Booth 305

HealthPostures provides ergonomic work space solutions designed for a workforce increasingly tied to computers and desk. Since 1998, HealthPostures has been an industry leader in promoting the long-term benefits of increasing movement in the workplace. HealthPostures products are designed with outstanding ergonomic features and are proudly made in the U.S.A.

International Products Corporation

International Products Corporation | Booth 325

International Products Corporation (IPC) is a leader in lubricant and cleaning technology since 1923. IPC manufactures P-80®, a line of temporary rubber assembly lubricants. P-80 significantly reduce the force required for assembly while also reducing rubber part damage. Unlike traditional lubricants, P-80 is water-based, safe for workers, and is compatible with rubber and most soft plastic. Stop by, learn more and get a free P-80 sample.


Kensington | Booth 217

Kensington is a leader in desktop and mobile device accessories, trusted by organizations around the world for over 35 years. Kensington products empower people to be more productive and create content at the highest levels. In both desktop and mobile environments, Kensington’s extensive lineup of award-winning products provide trusted security, desktop productivity innovations, and ergonomic well-being.


K-Tec | Booth 326

K-Tec engineers and manufactures material handling carts, equipment and solutions focused on ergonomics and safety. Ensuring that your employees are operating within company ergo zone and safety guidelines, from push-pull limits to lifting, rotating and elevating, K-Tec has a solution for you.

kybun USA

kybun USA | Booth 312

kybun standing mats and shoes are a simple way to improve workplace ergonomics and provide comfort while reducing fatigue and sick leave absences. Swiss made from a multi-component polyurethane material, both place the foot in a dynamic motion that strengthens muscles and improves balance and coordination.

Lean Factory America

Lean Factory America | Booth 413

For over five years Lean Factory America has represented some of the finest ergonomic equipment companies in the world. These include lifters from Orgatex and Hovmand along with compact tuggers from Movexx. These devices help reduce or eliminate ergonomic injuries from bending, lifting, and pushing/pulling. Stop by our booth to see how we can help with your challenging applications.

Levitate Technologies Inc.

Levitate Technologies Inc. | Booth 528

The Levitate AIRFRAME™ is a wearable, lightweight technology engineered to improve upper extremity musculoskeletal health in professionals and skilled trade workers who engage in repetitive arm motion and/or static elevation of the arms. The AIRFRAME™ lowers exertion levels by up to 80% – keeping workers healthier and more productive, while mitigating healthcare and disability costs.


LifeBooster | Booth 524

LifeBooster is doing the heavy lifting to make the challenging work of professional ergonomic assessments easier. Our Senz technology is an extensible platform that digitizes, automates and scales proven ergonomic standards. Personal wearable sensors make the exacting measurement and analysis of motion data dynamic to better determine levels of risk.

Loctek Ergonomic

Loctek/FlexiSpot | Booth 112

At Loctek/FlexiSpot, we're passionate about bringing healthy movement to the modern workplace and home, and strive to create new, innovative ways to stay active in our increasingly sedentary lives. From desk bikes to voice-controlled height adjustable desks, experience the workplace of the future, today! Join the movement at  flexispot.com!


Logitech | Booth 220

Logitech designs products that have an everyday place in people's lives, connecting them to the digital experiences they care about. More than 35 years ago, Logitech started connecting people through computers, and now it’s a multi-brand company designing products that bring people together through music, gaming, video and computing. Brands of Logitech include Logitech, Ultimate Ears, Jaybird, Blue Microphones, Logitech G and ASTRO Gaming.

Mark-10 Force Measurement

Mark-10 | Booth #628

Mark-10 force gauges and testing kits help ergonomists with job task analysis and muscle strength testing. A selection of implements accommodate a wide range of push and pull requirements, up to 500 lbF/2,500 N of force. Mark-10 products are designed and manufactured in the USA.


MEGAComfort | Booth 206

MEGAComfort is an innovative work-life wellness solutions company for the workplace. We provide clinically proven and field-tested footwear accessories including ergonomically designed, anti-fatigue insoles and orthotics with patented dual-layer memory foam technology, to proactively combat pain and fatigue. MEGAComfort’s work-life wellness solutions are created to maximize employee engagement, motivation, and productivity in a cost-effective way.

Modjoul Inc.

Modjoul Inc. | Booth # 321

Modjoul is a data analytics company that utilizes a wearable device, The Modjoul SmartBelt, to capture employee movement metrics. Data from SmartBelt is streamed real time to an online dashboard for employees and supervisors. Our mission is to improve the safety record of every company by providing data and actionable insights to eliminate employee injuries.


Mousetrapper | Booth 314

Mousetrapper is a Swedish company with more than 25 years’ experience of developing ergonomic mice. With our vision Fight the pain™ we help people prevent and relieve repetitive strain injuries. Since the start, our products have been invented, designed and manufactured in Sweden.

Mousetrapper – the wellness mouse.

NexGen Ergonomics

NexGen Ergonomics | Booth 515

NexGen offers the world’s largest product line for ergonomics and biomechanics.   NexGen manufactures & distributes Mark-10 force and torque gauges, ErgoIntelligence, ErgoMaster, HumanCAD, VATS vibration analysis, ErgoImager, LMM, EMG systems, IMU solutions with HM-Analyzer, Force glove, VATS  human vibration analysis, FSA & Tekscan pressure mapping, Biometrics  systems with goniometers, MVTA time & motion analysis  ….

The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University | Booth 411

SRI-Ergonomics, part of OSU's Spine Research Institute, offers a wide range of ergonomics technical support services to companies and organizations nationwide. These include quantitative evaluations of work activities, training courses by our ergonomics experts (at the University and onsite), and applied research on many ergonomics issues of concern to practitioners.


O'Mara Sprung Floors

O'Mara Sprung Floors | Booth 606

O’Mara Sprung Floors, USA-manufacturer of ergonomic flooring since 1996. Industrial anti-fatigue floors with a 70% shock-absorption rating reduce injury caused by working on hard and unsupportive surfaces, while increasing employee energy and productivity levels. Resilient panels with industrial finishes are suitable for high-traffic areas; patented system allows for easy installation and reconfiguration. Custom configurations available.

Personal Positioning Technologies LLC

Personal Positioning Technologies LLC | Booth 405

The Human Hoist Power Shop Chair eliminates bending, stooping and crawling. Save money by reducing injury, improving productivity and increasing quality. Retain skilled workforce while enhancing worker experience. Position your worker to the work. Eliminate injuries leading to opioid dependence. Human Hoist is a product of Personal Positioning Technologies LLC. Made in the USA!


PHS West Inc.

PHS West Inc. | Booth 221

Ergo-Express® Motorized carts and tugs are a safe and efficient solution for moving heavy materials, equipment and supplies. With any of our motorized products, one staff member can safely perform the same task that may currently take multiple trips or multiple staff members.

Posture Depot

Posture Depot | Booth 116

Offering unique ergonomic solutions that help employers reduce injuries and absenteeism while increasing employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention. Work active with Oploft – a portable, slim, and economical sit-stand workstation. No other workstation packs the features and ergonomic benefits! Specializing in ergonomic assessments, consulting, and the best brands in ergonomics. posturedepot.com

Pressure Profile Systems (PPS)

Pressure Profile Systems | Booth 212

Pressure Profile Systems’ (PPS) TactileGlove features tactile pressure sensing elements embedded throughout the palm and fingers, enabling natural hand use and high-resolution pressure mapping for product development, ergonomics research, and OSHA compliance. Our second product,   Wrist-Aid MD, is a discrete non-invasive orthotic that actively relieves symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Prestige International | Booth 311

Prestige International is the largest ergonomic workstation products and accessories distributor in the United States. Representing some of the industry’s biggest name manufacturers such as Evoluent, Hippus Handshoe, Penclic, Microdesk, Score Footrest, Mousetrapper, Bakker Elkhuizen, Armazing, OiC SmartMat.

Pro-Tech Mats Industries

Pro-Tech Mats Industries | Booth 505

The ultimate anti-fatigue solution for all industries. World famous for food prep areas and cook lines. Reduction of strains, pains and worker’s compensation claims related to prolonged standing. The softest, most comfortable place to stand is on an Ortho Mat®.

RFM Seating

RFM Seating | Booth 419

For nearly 40 years, RFM Seating has created fully customizable, ergonomic seating for a healthy and productive workforce. Whether you need seating that can keep up with a 24-hour shift or fill the executive board room you will find one of the largest selections of ergonomic chairs available.


Roemheld | Booth 214

Roemheld provides products to create ergonomic workstations for light/medium duty assembly.  Our products are used as building blocks to create a customized workstation capable of lifting, tilting, rotating and moving your work-piece during the assembly process.  By optimizing the part position, human effort is minimized and part quality is optimized.

Score BV

Score BV | Booth 313

Score is a leading Dutch developer and manufacturer of ergonomic seating solutions and accessories. At the show we wish to present and talk about our easy-to-adjust high-rise PRO 952 and PRO 959 footrests, our leg rests and our saddle chairs Amazone and Jumper with 360 dynamic motion.


SelectFlex | Booth 611

SelectFlex® is the world’s first ARCH-ADJUSTABLE Orthotic Insole providing relief from Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Lower Extremity Fatigue and Joint Pain. Our proprietary PowerLift Arch™ dynamically lifts and uncompresses the arch delivering:

  • Up to 50% Greater ANKLE STABILIZATION

Sky Hook

Sky Hook | Booth 616

Sky Hook manufactures small, portable, ergonomic lifting devices for safe lifting of awkward, hard to reach loads up to 500 lbs. For lifting applications requiring alternative dimensions or features we can quickly and easily modify the Sky Hook design as needed. The Sky Hook meets applicable OSHA and ASME requirements.


TEA Ergo | Booth 506

TEA ERGO Inc. is a high-tech company developing software and wireless sensors for the measurement and analysis of human behavior. We assist companies to prevent organizational hazards and academic laboratories in their research by providing the most comprehensive ergonomics assessment tool available on the market. Visit us at booth 506.

  Tente Casters

TENTE Casters | Booth 306

Move heavy loads effortlessly with the TENTE e-drive flex caster. Reduce absences due to work-related injuries to neck, back, shoulders and wrists. The extra soft wheels offer good shock-absorbing properties and low-vibration transport of goods. TENTE provides mobility solutions for safety; environment, durability, productivity and design needs of our customers.

Texas A&M University Ergonomics Center

Texas A&M Ergonomics Center | Booth 424

The Texas A&M ErgoCenter will be expanding its reach at AEC. We’ll showcase opportunities in the areas of consulting, education and research. We’ll discuss recent findings and projects and talk with booth goers as to how we may be able to help them improve worker safety and health.

University of Michigan Center for Ergonomics

University of Michigan Center for Ergonomics | Booth 309

Ergonomic job analysis and design software developed by the  University of Michigan Center for Ergonomics will be explained and demonstrated. Information will be available about continuing education and academic training opportunities in ergonomics and other occupational health and safety sciences.



VelocityEHS | Humantech | Booth 320

For nearly 40 years, global companies have relied on VelocityEHS’ Humantech software and services for workplace ergonomics improvements. By combining experienced, board-certified ergonomists with our proprietary assessment tools and comprehensive software, we deliver integrated solutions that impact safety, quality, and productivity. To learn more about how our Humantech solutions can help you “do ergonomics right,” visit www.humantech.com.

Working Concepts, Inc.

Working Concepts, Inc. | Booth 621

We design and manufacture ergonomic knee protection, standing mats and other custom products. Our products are Soft Knees no strap knee pads, Ergo Kneel Kneeling Mats, Extreme Standing Mats for standing without pain and Stop a Ladder.