Work Systems division

Work Systems Division

IISE Work Systems Division members have an interest in the art, science, and practice of designing, implementing, analyzing and improving human-machine systems that work together to produce goods and provide services.

IISE Annual Conference & Expo

Plan to attend the IISE Annual Conference & Expo in Orlando, May the Loews Royal Pacific Resort 

Conference schedule link

Work Systems Town Hall Meeting at IISE Annual Conference & Expo:
Monday May 21, 2018
11:00 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.
Pacifica Ballroom 5 

Special Invitation to the Work Systems Town Hall Meeting 

On behalf of the board of the directors of the Work Systems division of IISE, please receive this cordial invitation to participate in our Town Hall meeting during the 2018 IISE Conference in Orlando. The meeting will be held in the Pacifica Ballroom 5 on Monday, May 21 from 11:00am Until 12:20pm. There will be some very important division topics to be discussed during this event. Of special interest will be a discussion of the Body of Knowledge related to Work Systems. The body of knowledge outlines the topics that should be contained in the IE curriculum related to Work Systems. It is very important that we receive your input in our efforts to modernize this critical and fundamentally definitive area of our profession. Whether you are a student, faculty member, or an industry practitioner your input is of the essence and there is no doubt that you can have an impact on the future of the IE profession. The board and our profession looks forward to your participation.

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      1. Go to this link.
      2. Select "Update Your Member Record."
      3. Set up username and password (if you don't already have one).
      4. Under "Societies and Divisions," select "Edit" and click on the Work Systems Division.

Call Brian Charles at (800) 494-0460, ext. 102, for assistance.

Vision (what we want to become)

  • Work Systems Division is to be the leading source for promoting advancements in the science, mathematics, and engineering principles that define work systems.
  • The Work Systems Division inspires those with an interest in designing, implementing, analyzing, and improving Work Systems in all environments (terrestrial, subterranean, underwater, atmospheric, outer space, cyberspace, etc.).

Mission (what we are doing today)

  • The Work Systems Division primary focus is on defining/establishing a work systems framework and scientific approach to design, standardization, measurement, analysis and optimization.
  • We provide professional forums for IISE members, present advanced concepts in work systems theory and application, and define the Work Systems Body of Knowledge.
  • Division members actively promote research, discovery, and open dialogue on the science, mathematics, and engineering discipline needed to design, build, operate, and sustain work systems.
  • Our efforts stimulate innovation, foster competitiveness, and promote advancements in work systems theory and practice.


Key Markets: (Who is our target audience?) 

  • Academic Community (Focus is on Fundamental Aspects)
  • Industrial Community (Focus is on Improving Productivity/Reducing Cost)

Contributions: (What products or services do we provide to our clients/customers/audience?) 

  • A theory, a Body of Knowledge, and a support organization.
  • A forum for challenging and advancing the Work Systems Body of Knowledge

Distinctions: (What makes our product or service unique, so that the audience will choose us?) 

  • Our primary focus is on defining/establishing a work systems framework and scientific approach to design, standardization, measurement, analysis and optimization.


"A work system is a system in which human participants and/or machines perform work using information, technology, and other resources to produce products and/or services for internal or external customers. Typical business organizations contain work systems that procure materials from suppliers, produce and deliver products or services to customers, find customers, create financial reports, hire employees, coordinate work across departments, and perform many other functions.

The work system concept is a common denominator for many types of systems that operate within or across organizations."

Division Bylaws

"Bylaws are the written rules that control the affairs of the division. Included in these are the division's official name, purpose, membership requirements, officer positions, how offices are assigned, how meetings should be conducted, and how often meetings will be held."

Division Policies and Procedures

"The policies and procedures outline the division structure and leadership responsibilities."

Work Systems Division Board

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Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

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