2024 University Regional Conferences

Begin your rise up — attend university regional conferences

Students can jump-start their careers with IISE's 2023 university regional conferences.

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2024 Meetings

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In addition to various competitions that allow the winners to present at the IISE Annual Conference and Expo 2024, attendees can network with and listen to speakers from industries and potential employers and start forming their own professional networks with other up-and-coming students.

The 2024 dates, locations and contacts for the scheduled university conferences are:

Central & South America

Dates: TBD
Location: TBD 


Dates: March 5-8, 2024
Location: Instituto Tecnológico de Superior de Poza Rica
Contact: Michael Adahir Cruz Torres, Student Conference Chair
Contact: Bertha Maria Moreno Rodriguez, Faculty Conference Chair  

Middle East

Date: TBD
Location: University of Jordan
Contact: TBD, Student Conference Chair
Contact: Mohammad Shbool, Faculty Conference Chair
Theme: Preparing the Next Generation of Engineers
Website: iiseuj.com

U.S. Great Lakes 

Dates: Feb. 23-24, 2024
Location: Ohio University    
Contact: Rose Duffus, Student Conference Chair
Contact: Tao Yuan, Faculty Conference Chair

U.S. Mid-Atlantic 

Dates: Feb. 9-11, 2024
Location: NC Agri. & Tech State University
Contact: Radiah Pickney, Student Conference Chair
Contact: Jacqueline Chestnut, Faculty Conference Chair  

U.S. North Central 

Dates: Feb. 16-17, 2024
Location: University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign
Contact: Arvin Sam, Student Conference Chair
Contact: Chrysafis Vogiatzis, Faculty Conference Chair  

U.S. Northeast

Dates: Jan. 26-27, 2024
Location: University of Pittsburgh - Swanson School of Engineering
Contact: Kayla Trahey, Student Conference Chair
Contact: Scott Streiner, Faculty Conference Chair  

U.S. South Central

Dates: Feb. 29- March 2, 2024
Location: University of Arkansas
Contact: John (Blake) Sooter, Student Conference Chair
Contact: Manuel Rosetti, Faculty Conference Chair

U.S. Southeast 

Dates: March 21-23, 2024                                                   
Location: Mississippi State
Contact: Kate Tabor, Student Conference Chair
Contact: Wenmeng Tian, Faculty Conference Chair  

U.S. Western

Dates: TBD
Location: CA State Polytechnic University - Pomona
Contact: Alonzo Armendariz, Student Conference Co-chair
Contact: Kamran Abedini, Faculty Conference Chair