The Outstanding IISE Publication Award

The highest IISE honor for an outstanding original publication that has appeared in any IISE-sponsored or co-sponsored medium. The award is made to the author or authors of that published work, which is judged to be a meritorious contribution to the profession of industrial engineering.


Members of the IISE Board of Trustees and Honors Steering Committee are ineligible.


  • Only one award may be granted each year.
  • In this award, the word "publication" is to be interpreted quite broadly, including a single paper, a series of papers, a presentation published in a proceedings, documented and self-contained software, a seminar workbook, video disks, texts, and so on.
  • The publication must make a significant contribution to the industrial engineering profession as a whole or in one or more of its functional areas. It must be original rather than simply an update, revision, or modification. The significant contributions of the achievement should be clearly but briefly noted in the nomination.
  • Evidence of acceptance, usefulness, adoption, adaptation, and so on, by others of concepts or methodologies presented, should be documented if possible.
  • Publications that are primarily research-based must show the applicability of the theory to professional practice; those that are primarily application-based must show the general principles and basic concepts on which they are founded.
  • Generalization and transferability to different situations and environments will be considered.

Nomination process

  • Complete and return the┬ánomination form.
  • Three letters of recommendation should be limited to a maximum of two pages each.
  • The nomination form, the nominator's letter and CV package should be limited to 12 pages.
  • The entire nomination packet should be no more than 18 pages total.


The senior vice president for publications is responsible for the judging process.