Leveraging technology to improve ergonomics assessments

To make workplaces safer, companies need the right tools to measure problems and develop new methods through both technology and processes.
By Kent Hatcher and Emily Barnes

Exoskeletons and ergonomics: Past, present and future

The use of wearable devices to ease workplace strains and injuries is not new but the technology has evolved.
By Matthew Marino

Ergonomic engineering solutions for airport baggage handling

Airport baggage handling requires considerable physical lifting yet investing in engineering and equipment solutions can reduce injury risk. Also, the present and future presidents of the Applied Ergonomics Society discuss efforts to rally ergonomic expertise for safer, better workplaces.
By Ben Zavitz and Ming-Lun Lu (and Gary Allread)

ISE undergrads learn the ropes

Three ISE students share their experiences as interns in the aerospace, retail and financial industries.
By Madeleine Pollack, Annie Dorsey and Ana Sofía Cavallo