Performance by Kevin McManus

Our need for daily data capture
How many pieces of data do you capture each day? Ask most leaders this and you likely get a blank stare. To many, it sounds outrageous. I am a manager: Why do I need to capture my own daily data?

Management by Steve Snelling

Project management tips
Project management includes several activities important to the overall performance of an industrial engineering project. Care should be exercised when working on each activity to ensure successful completion. Here are some useful tips.

Systems Engineering by Ricardo Valerdi

When good decisions lead to bad outcomes
We make decisions every day. Some are made subconsciously while others require deep thought and analysis in an attempt to strive for the best possible outcome. Surprisingly, some of these decisions, despite their good intentions, lead to unexpectedly bad outcomes.

Workplace Safety by Gary Orr

Safety pays; injuries are costly
Finding ways to cut costs is something every business wants. Did you know spending on safety can save money? Let me describe how investing in safety pays.

Innovation by Joseph Byrum

A realist's view for restoring trust in AI
Nearly a quarter of Americans think continuing to develop artificial intelligence (AI) is probably a bad idea, according to an Oxford study conducted last year. The lack of trust in automation ought to be a major concern to anyone interested in the potential this technology has to improve our lives. There are steps developers can take to restore confidence in AI.