Body of Knowledge Webinars

An Overview of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge and Its Applications

November 16, 2023
Presenter(s): Dr. Fazleena Badurdeen

An overview of the Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Body of Knowledge (BoK) developed and managed by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE). The core contents of the BoK, the processes and procedures followed to maintain and update the contents, as well as potential avenues to use the BoK in industry and academia will be presented.

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Leveraging the IISE BoK in your Career Development

Sept. 28, 2023
Presenter(s): Mike Graul, Ph.D., PE, Joseph B. Michels, Ph.D.

This webinar will discuss the foundational role of the IISE Body of Knowledge as the nexus for professional engineering licensing, continuing education & certification, and curriculum alignment for ABET accreditation.

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High-Reliability Organizations in Healthcare

Presenter(s): Dr. David Claudio and Dr. Jon Boyer

Is it a repackaging of conventional ISE tools and methods, or is there something more? In 2017, Frankel et al.1 published a white paper on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) website, discussing a holistic framework for healthcare organizations to improve patient safety continuously and reliably. The scheme, which was based on findings by the Michigan Health and Hospital Association2, centers around patient and family engagement and considers the organization’s leadership, culture, and continuous learning and improvement. This framework is the foundation for High-Reliability Organizations (HROs) in healthcare systems. This Webinar will discuss the concept of HROs and their framework to assess and improve human-level deficiencies to prevent errors in healthcare systems.

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IISE Body of Knowledge: Model-Based Interactive Storytelling: Exploiting Convergence of Systems Engineering and Entertainment Arts

Presenter(s): Dr. Azad M. Madni

Dr. Azad M. Madni will share the challenges posed by 21st century systems and argue for a new mindset. Specifically, he will describe how the convergence of Model Based Systems Engineering and storytelling from the entertainment arts can be exploited to create a new capability that can facilitate and enhance collaboration among stakeholders especially in upfront engineering activities. Dr. Azad M. Madni is an industry leader, researcher, educator, entrepreneur and author.

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IISE Body of Knowledge Applications in Economic Analysis, System Design and Information Engineering

Presenter(s):Dr. Mayra Méndez and Dr. Ben Amaba

During this webinar the speakers will share with the audience application of the IISE BoK in the areas of Economic Analysis, System Design and Information Engineering.

Dr. Méndez-Piñero presents an evaluation of different projects within the public sector in Puerto Rico using applications of engineering economic analysis to understand the decisions made to support project implementation is presented

Dr. Amaba demonstrates how ISE is the profession of the future in our role orchestrating the physical, mathematical and social sciences for the digital future. Considering that information to knowledge drives economic development, data-driven industrial and systems engineers can solve major challenges software factories, data warehouses and agile flow, among others.

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IISE Body of Knowledge Progress and Practical Applications

Presenter: Diana Berry, IISE BoK Governing Board Chair

The webinar was a panel dialogue led by Diana Berry, IISE BoK Governing Board Chair and with the participation of members of the current governing board, Joel Brock, Jose Monreal and Krishnan Krishnaiyer. The group of presenters focused on the IISE BoK progress up to date and the practical applications of the IISE BoK and its relevant topics.

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Advancing the IISE Body of Knowledge

Presenters: Iris V. Rivero, Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology, Diana Berry, Harsco Rail, Tarun Mohan Lal, Mayo Clinic

The Industrial Engineering Body of Knowledge represents the main document for our profession composed of important knowledge areas. This webinar will be led by the IISE Body of Knowledge Governance Committee and will provide an update on the current progress of the document, the recent chapter additions, and the dissemination activities planned for 2019.

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