Solutions By Primary Risk Factor 

Awkward Postures

ABC Company: Automation Centrifuge
Ada Technologies: Lift and Tilt Tables with Antifatigue Matting
All American Coach Company: Caterpillar Lift Truck and a Koni Mobile Lifting System
Arc Abrasives Inc.: Adjustable chairs and footrests
Ashland Comfort Control: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand truck
ATI Specialty Alloys and Components: Easy Reach” Crate Cart and Arms
Bath Iron Works / General Dynamics: Stegna Transit Unpacking Tool
Bath Iron Works/General Dynamics: Radius Grinder Snubber Clearance Tool
General Dynamics, Bath Iron Works: Reel 2 Keel
Baughman Inc. dba Kah Nursery: Mulch dispensing trailer with automatic tarp cover
Beagle Hill Farms: Bale accumulator and tie grabber system
Beckett Air Inc.: Mechanical Torque Testers
Belle Manor Nursing Home: Nursing Home Ergonomics Solutions
Bindel’s Appliance: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand truck
Biosense Webster, Inc. - Part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies: 6-UP Mandrel Tensioning Fixture Project
Boeing Company Commercial AIrplanes Fabrication Division: Vertical Storage Unit Maintenance: Camera System
Boeing Company: Berry Masking Tool
Boeing Company: Ergo & Environmental Trim Saw
Boeing Company: Formable Injection Tip (FIT)
Bridgestone: Cuts Like A Knife!
Bridgestone: Dual Knife Assembly
Bridgestone: Stop Twisting and Turning
Bridgestone: The Cutting Edge
Bridgestone Warren County: Keeping It Simple
Bridgestone Warren County TBR: Stripping Made Easy
Bridgestone/Firestone: Don't Stack em, Rack em
Broadview Multi-Care Center: Multiple Care Home Solutions
Bridgestone : Can't Touch This!
Byesville Aseptic: Automated Case Packer
Cardinal Health: Semi-automatic Glue Application
Cardinal Health: Tape Cutting Machine
Cardiopulmonary Care Inc.: Aqua Phase Medical Equipment Washer and Sanitation System
Case Study 6074: Automatic rebar tier tools
Case Study 8025: Powered drum handler and drum palletizer
Case Study 8025: Powered drum handlers
Cat Brazil Limited: Ergonomic Transformation of Track Group Assembly through Implementation of RIW Caterpillar
Caterpillar: TTK Sub Frame Line Manipulator
Cedar Rapids Operations EPE Laboratory & South Area Operations EPE Laboratory: New Line Hose Visual Inspection Device
Champaign Nursing Home: Electrically Operated Beds
Celina Aluminum Precision Technology, Inc.: New carts, adjustable workstations, and robotic tooling
Chillicothe Schools: New school bus with air actuated door and air suspension drivers seat
Coca-Cola Bottling: Pallet Stop
Coca-Cola Refreshments : Clem Cage
Clow Valve Company: Horizontal Hydrant Assembly Station
Coca-Cola Refreshments: Fountain Drink Spool Tool
Coca-Cola Refreshments: Strainer Removal Tool
Coca-Cola: Clean In Place Removal Tool
Coca-Cola: Tire Chocks
Coca-Cola Refreshments USA Inc. : Driver Reach Tool
Cummins Fuel Systems: Sandblasting Our Way to Better Ergonomics
D.C. Meyer Masonry: Hydro-mobile scaffolding
Dave's Sand and Stone, Inc.: Tarping System
Delphi: Mock-up to Achieve Ergonomic and Productive Machine Design
Delta Air Lines Technical Operation Center: Radome A.I.R. (Articulating Internal Repair) tooling
Dollman Technical Services: Willis Microcut CNC Milling Machine
Duo-Corp.: Automatic Screw Feeding System, pnematic guns, pistol-gripped gun, and Aro Parallel Arm Workstations
Duo-Corp.: Twin-head corner cleaner and milling cutter
Dussault Moving, Inc.: balloon tired hand trucks with stair climber attachments
Eagle Services Asia Pte Ltd: Adaptor Install Jack/fixture Improvement (ESA)
Elliott Co.: Impeller Finishing Cart
Elliott Co.: Improved Method for Storage of Rotor Disks
Elliott Company: Impeller Shot Blasting
Erie County Care Facility: Electrical beds and mechanical lifts
Estee Lauder Companies: Bulk Supply Hole Covers
Estee Lauder Companies: Mass Cutting Device
Estee Lauder Companies: Mix It Safer
Estee Lauder Companies - Aveda Corp.: Stepanquat GA-90(Ammonyx) Handling
Estee Lauder Logistics AG: D-Container Improvements
EES - Ethicon: Sandblasting Ergonomic Risk
Ethicon: LEAN reconfiguration through DMAIC road map process leads to Ergonomic Risk Reduction
Ethicon Endo-Surgery: Ergonomic Risk Reduction leads to LEAN Manufacturing Successes
Ethicon Endo-Surgery: Ergonomic Risks Reduction Leads to Space Improvements in Skin MD
Ethicon Endo-Surgery : CIP Projects Leads to Ergonomic Risk Reduction
Ethicon Endo-Surgery : Successful Ergonomic Changes Provide Green Upgrade within Product Instructional Insert Handling Process
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc: LEAN transformation leads to Ergonomic Risk Reduction
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc,: Implementing Ergonomics with Lean Processing for Customer Returns Processing
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.: LEAN Reconfiguration leads to Ergonomic Risk Reduction
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, S.A. de C.V.: Ergonomics Excellence of a Medical Device Line through Lean Transformation
Ethicon Inc.& Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. : Reducing Ergonomic Risks Through Cross Facility Process Integration of Product Sampling
Ethicon, a Johnson and Johnson Company: Wire Mill Pay-Off Strand
Ethicon, Cordis de Mexico S.A de C.V. Circuito Interior, Cd:  Ergonomic Risk Reduction Leads Increase of Production Productivity and Saving
Fastrac Systems Inc.: Keyboard trays, document holders, monitor arms and screen filters
Ethicon, Inc. A Johnson and Johnson Company: Jack the Ripper
Ethicon, Inc. Cd. : Ergonomic Risk Reduction for the Sutupack Process
Fleet Readiness Center East: Electrical Adjustable Sawhorse: Supporting the Warfighter
Ford Motor Co.: Hose Connections Acceptability Ratings (HCAR) Process
Funk Finecast, Inc.: Ergolift Material Handing Device
Galfab, a Wastebuilt Company: Roll Off Hoist Winch Cable Clambing Machine
GE Aviation: Drill Powered FOD Cap Socket
GE Aviation - Engine Services : Single-Minute Exchange of Dies
GE Transportation : Locomotive Handrail Assembly
General Electric: Smart Clean CT (Computed Tomography) Slipring
General Electric (GE) Healthcare: X-Ray AMX/AMX4 Battery Changes
GE Appliance a Haier Company: "HANDLING" Ergonomic Issues
General Dynamics Land Systems: The "Talla-Twister" for Heavy Gauge Wire Braiding
Gerber Farm Division Inc.: Shell vacuuming, chick/shell separator, and hatchery tray conveyor
Goodyear Tire and Rubber: Belt Cutting Length
Gulfstream: G280 Upper Galley Rotational Stabilizer
Gulfstream: Insert Tab Dispenser
Gulfstream Aerospace: Extra Hand
Gulfstream Aerospace: Fire Hose Roller
Gulfstream Aerospace: Lower Vanity Plug-n-Play Box
Gulfstream Aerospace: Spider Holding Fixture
Gulfstream Aerospace: Tail Camera Alignment Tool
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation: Neat Seat
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.: Acoustic Blanket Stick
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.: Credenza Monitor Lift
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.: Ergo Creeper
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation: Aircraft Furniture Movement Handles
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation: Eliminating Pain Before it Occurs: Flipping the G650 Canopy
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation: G550 Pylon Aircraft Assembly Lifting
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation: Turntable and Box Used in Composite, Aircraft Parts Manufacturing
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation : Coaming Drilling Improvements
Gulfstream-Appleton: bead Blasting Aircraft Wheel Assemblies
Gulfstream-Appleton: Wunderstand 2.0
Harrison Township: Chest compression systems
Hartville Homes: “Vander-Lift” mechanical lift
Hillman Precision: Overhead-crane system and widened outside door
Hilltop Energy, Inc.: Bag filling station and conveyor
Home Appliance Center: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand truck
Honda: Mig Masters
Honda Manufacturing : Foam Removal Tool
Honda Manufacturing : Fuel Filler Pipe and Canister Filter Subassembly Rack
Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC: Shear Plate TIghtening Machine
Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. : Sunroof Subcord Solutions
Honda of America MFG: Battery Seal Press
Honda of America MFG: Brush Strokes
Honda of America MFG: Bumper Pull Tester
Honda of America MFG: The Clampetts
Honda of America Mfg Inc. Tech Titans: Grommet Installation Tool
Honda of America Mfg.: Fixture Fixers
Honda of America Mfg., Inc.: Ergo Coach
Honda of America Mfg., Inc.: Revolution!
Honda of Canada Mfg: Ergo Buggy: Balanced Tilting Cart for Part Presentation
Honda of Canada: New CRV Tailgate Install Methodology
Honda of Canada Mfg: Easy-Stopper: Material Services Load Restraint Bar and In-Floor Trailer Tracking
Honda of Canada Mfg: Improved Center Panel Sub Fixture for Quality, Efficiency and Ergonomics
Honda of Canada Mfg.: Look Don’t Touch: Auto Highlighting Tool for Deform Inspection
Honda of South Carolina: Circlip Installation
Honda of South Carolina: Pack Crate Fixture
Honda of South Carolina Mfg Inc.: Seat Locker
Honda of South Carolina Mfg Inc. : Coupler Compressor
Honda of South Carolina Mfg.: Easy does it!
Honda of South Carolina Mfg., Inc: Ergo Rotate
Honda of South Carolina Mfg., Inc. : Insulator Press
Honda Transmission Manufacturing: Dream Builders
Honda Transmission Mfg.: The Pick Upsters
Honda Transmission Mfg. : The Pain Killers
Intel Corporation (Intel Products Chengdu Limited): POGO Pin Auto-Insertion Project: Making Things Much Easier
Jackson’s Maytag Home Appliance Center: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand trucks
Jenkins Memorial Health Facility: Medcare Products “Zero Back Injury System” (ZBI)
Johnson & Johnson: Ergonomic Solutions for the Zipper Rolls Set Up
Johnson & Johnson: Ethicon - Easy Access for the Loading and Unloading of Suture Cans
Johnson & Johnson Ortho Clinical Diagnostics: Maintenance Pump Slide Used To Reduce Awkward Lifting
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.: Take the A-Frame: A Journey To Health
Joseph Stull Inc. dba Vandalia Animal Clinic: Digital radiography equipment with a float top positioning table
Kaiser Aluminum : Sniff Unit
Leather Resources of America: Scissor lift tables and Hide Stacker
Lexington Components, Inc.: Ergonomics Inspection Workstations
Liberty Steel Buildings, Inc.: Hydraulic shear with stacker
Lilly, Lilly del Caribe, Inc: Bowl Ring Handling Operation
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics: U-2 Wing Plank Transportation and Media Blast Dolly
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control: Connector Clock and Lock
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control: Thermally Initiated Venting System Station Tooling Enhancement
Lockheed Martin Rotary Mission Systems: Towed Array 3D Hose Grinding Solution
Logan Sales Center - Swire Coca- Cola: SAT (Shim Adjustment Tool)
Lynd Fruit Farm Inc.: Vented Plastic Bins
MagReTech Inc.: vacuumLift assist with a high- temperature suction pad
Meade Construction: Articulating boom lift
Medina Hardware: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand truck
Merryweather Foam Inc.: Forklift, stacker, pallet truck with scales
Micro Enterprises: Raised CNC machines
Micron Manufacturing: Automatic coil housing inspection machine
Missler’s IGA: Power- assisted pallet jack
Nationwide Industrial Supply: Automatic counting/boxing machine
Nexteer: Rotation Fixture for Heavy Part Inspection
Nexteer Automotive: Trigger Device to Convert Pistol Grip Tool to Inline Tool
Nexteer Automotive : Ergonomics Kaizen Process
Nexteer Automotive Australia: 3D Printing…. Bringing Ergonomic Solutions to Life!
Norfolk Southern – Locomotive: 3 Piece Ring Gear Lifter
Norfolk Southern Corporation: The Battery Charger Receptacle Tool
Norfolk Southern: Automatic Lube System for the Car Pulling System
Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding: Ergonomic Training Rotation for Shipbuilding Apprentice Craftsmen
O.E. Meyer Co.: Label Eater device, anti-fatigue mats, cylinder storage area
Ohio Valley Manor Inc.: Electrically operated beds with anti-slip contour
Owens Corning: Bushing Rodding Tool
Partners in Plastics, Inc.: Automated Flashing Machines and Adjustable Lift Tables
Patten’s Appliance Center: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand truck
PPG Industries, Automotive OEM:  Pretreatment Mini Line Tanks
PPG Industries (UK) Ltd: It All Hinges on This
Pratt & Whitney: Fluorescent Bulb Cart
RYZ Corporation: Grooming table with lift and pet bathing tub with ramp
SAVA Tires: Tire cart for BOM Tire Building Machines
Schaefer Equipment inc.: Lift and Tilt Tables
Shaw Industries Group Inc: Single Case Rail Carts
Spec-Temp, Inc.: Robotic system that automatically loads, cuts, breaks and grinds the edges of the glass
Spirit AeroSystems: Hot Wings
Spirit AeroSystems: Mandrel Masters
Spirit AeroSystems: MVP Strap Drillers
Spirit AeroSystems: Small Nacelle Assembly Process
Spirit AeroSystems: Tool Titans
Spirit AeroSystems: Trunnion Install Ergo Design Improvement
Spirit AeroSystems : Breaker Maintenance
St. Francis Home: Electric beds, gait belts, and bladder scanner
St. Raphael’s Home: Resident lifts, front-loaded laundry bins, Broda pedal chairs
Stearns and Lehman, dba Kerry Foods: Power-assisted pallet jacks
Swagelok Solon: Filter Basket Ergonomic Hoist
Texas Instruments : Face-to-face Surveys of Fab Employees
The Chris Erhart Foundry and Machine Co.: Ergonomics tools and tool balancers
Timken Company: Brick Manipulator
Timken Company : Close-In Die Removal Tool
Timken Company - Rail Bearing: Over Easy
Timken Company – New Philadelphia Precision Bearing Plant: The New Philly Flipper
Timken Company, Timken Aerospace Transmissions: Ring Gear Deburring Fixture
Timken Shiloh Plant : The Timken Tugger
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA)& Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama, Inc. (TMMAL), :  The Adventures of Ergoman
Toyota Motor Manufacturing: Gravity Elevator Lift
Toyota Motor Manufacturing : Hands Down
Toyota Motor Manufacturing : Self-Turning Tool
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada: Karakuri Frame Trolley
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada : RSI Drift Assist
Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California, S. de R.L. de C.V. : Gear Shift Knob Tightening
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI): Automatic Hood Closer
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI): Step It Up
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky: Ergonomic Improvement to Door Hinge Cart
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky: Pump Ring Removal Tool
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky: Push-It-Pin (PIP)
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK): Hand Dominance Program:  Breaking Old Habits
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi Inc. (TMMMS): Set 'N See Stairs Stopper
Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia: Karakuri Dunnage Return Assist
Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia (TMMWV): Grab a Gear Without Fear
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, TX, Inc.: 3D Printed Self Lubrication Rail system
Toyota Motor Thailand Co. Ltd. (Gateway Plant): Sliding Seat for Assy Transmission Shift Lever in Interior Vehicle
Trutec Industries: Bridge Crane & Hoist System with Charge Hopper
United Rotary Brush Inc.: Vacuum feed loaders
Volkswagen Group of America: Parts Delivery Rack Optimization
Wegmans Food Markets: Chair Hauler
Wyandot County Nursing Home: Electrically operated beds with anti-slip contour
Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America: Bed Time
Yamaha Motor Mfg: Jurassic Press0

Contact Stress

High Forces

Adena Corporation: Grout Delivery System
Appelgren Construction Ltd: Fully automated, self-climbing hydraulic platform scaffolding
ATI Huntsville: New Twist to an Old Problem: Deburring 1.540 Rods
Ballreich Bros. Inc.: Scale Parts Washer (SPW)
General Dynamics/Bath Iron Works: OpGear Jig
Boeing Commercial Airplane Company: Boeing 737 Next Generation Crown Raceway Wire Bundle Installation Improvement
Boeing Commercial Airplanes: H Block Installation Cart
Boeing Commericial Airplanes: 747 Nose Gear Torque System
Boeing Company:  767 Monument Move Tool
Boeing Company: 767 PCO MHI Door Lift
Boeing Company: 767 Program--Rigid Barrier Move Tool
Boeing Company: 777 Manufacturing Interiors Commodity Movers
Boeing Company: 777 Wing Majors Spoiler Beam Deliver and Load Process
Boeing Company: Aircraft Structures Drilling Improvements with PV tool and DRPs
Boeing Company: Zero Gravity Tool for Overhead Torque Operations
Boeing Company : Ergo SmartCart
Bridgestone: Crank It Up!
Bridgestone: From Scraper to Shaker
Bridgestone: In The Buff
Bridgestone: Innerliner Sensors "Coming to a TAM near YOU"
Bridgestone: Simply the Best!
Bridgestone Warren County: Pryed and Joy
Bridgestone Warren County: The Janny Tool
Bridgestone/Firestone: The Pan Handler
Bucyrus Blades: Automatic indexing system and changed machines
Case Study 6110: Extrusion honing machines
Case Study 6243: Mobile column lift for heavy vehicles
Case Study 6330: Automatic pickup lift gates
Case Study 7021: Automatic surface finishing machine system
Case Study 7021: Automatic surface finishing machine system
Case Study 7048: Flocking table rotator
Caterpillar Inc.:  Mold Board Forming Improvement
Caterpillar Inc. Dyersburg Transmission Facility: Transmission Case Ergonomic Solution: Eliminating Pinchpoints
Caterpillar, Integrated Manufacturing Operations Division Caterpillar Inc.: Tire Install
Cintas: Hospital Scrubs Ergo-Buggy
Cintas Corporation: Automatic Fabric Puller
Clow Valve Company Co.: Custom Built Hydrant Brass Torque Table
Coca-Cola: Double Bottom Back Saver
Coca-Cola: Fountain Gun Clamp
Cordis Corporation: The Crunch Test
Cummins Inc: Engine Build Cart Hold Down
Cummins Inc -Jamestown Engine Plant: The Knight Knuckle
Cummins Inc.: APR Press
Cummins Inc.: Fir Tree Improvement Initiative
Cummins Inc.: Fuel Line Vibration Isolator Pliers
Cummins Inc. - Jamestown Engine Plant: The Pneu Solution
Cummins Power Generation: RotoErgo - Improving Ergonomics in Roof Sub Assembly
Custom Cleaners: Automatic mat roller and hydraulic lift gate
Cummins Power Generation : ACB Lifting Improvement
Cummins Technical Center: Flywheel Coupling Lift Adapter
Delphi Powertrain Chihuahua: Safe and Ergonomic Handling of Roller Platforms and Trolleys
Department of Energy (DOE)/Joint Genome Institute: Base Off
Department of Energy (DOE)/Joint Genome Institute: It's a Peeling
Delta Faucet: Air-assisted Chuck Arm Assembly
DePuy Synthes : Coolant Cart Ergo Improvement
DePuy Synthes : The Rack Saver
DePuy Synthes Products, Inc: The ERGO LEVER - Rolling Away from a Pinch.
Eli Lilly and Company: Insulin Broth Drums Handling Carts
Elliott Group: Fabricated Safety Pedestals
Estee Lauder Companies: Power Prime Pump
Estee Lauder Companies : The Quint-Essential Lifting Tool
Estee Lauder Companies - Alden Manufacturing : "Unsticking" a Sticky Lifting Situation
Estee Lauder Companies - Aveda Corp: Low Weight Recovery System
Estee Lauder Companies Inc - Northtec LLC: Auto-Bagger Easy Release Pole
Albuquerque- Ethicon : Motions to the Horizon
Ethicon Endo Surgery: "Designing In" Ergonomic Risk Reduction Enhances Line Productivity and Comfort
Ethicon Endo Surgery: Tooling Cart Design Prevents Future Manual Handling Injuries
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.:  "Running" with the Bulls - Technicians Improve Material Flow Process
Ethicon Inc. Independencia, Cd. : Kaizen projects reduce Ergonomic Risk in handling material
Ford Kentucky Truck Plant : Heavy Duty Truck Mirror Relief Stanchion
Ford Motor Company: Final Assembly Door Panel Installation Fixture
GE: Enhanced Helios Cover Assembly
GE: Wire Bender
GE Aviation: Shaft Deburr Cart
GE Aviation - Durham Engine Facility: GE90 Swing Arm Storage System
GE Energy :  Closure Blade Installation - The "Lock Driver"
GE Healthcare : eBike...Back Injury Prevention
GE Energy Industrial Solutions:  Copper Bar Handling Solution
GE Power: Turbine Blade Repair Wheel Inspection Elimination
GE Transportation: Locomotive "Truck" Pull Device
GE, A Haier Company : Crane for Back Pain
General Electric: Handling Lamination Solution
General Dynamics NASSCO: Shipyard Backpack Tool Bag
General Electric Energy: Sheet Metal Stockroom Pedestal Movement Device
GE Appliance a Haier Company: Posture Pleasing Carousel
Globe Window Cleaning Inc.: Aerial Work Platform
Golden Bear Lock & Safe, Inc.: “PowerMate” motorized electric hand trucks
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company: Ergonomics Training Center and Sandbox
Goodyear Tire and Rubber: Ergonomic Adapter for Drum Change Application
Gulfstream: 331 & 332 Routing Process on Same Table
Gulfstream Aerospace : Lightweight Locating Template
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.: Magnet Dispenser
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation: Leading Edge Trim Tool
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation: Seat Cushion Tie Down Wire
Gulfstream Woodshop : Notch Finishing Operation Mini-Liquor Cabinet
Gulfstream: G650 Shock Strut & Side Brace Tool
Honda: Knuckle Buster
Honda Manufacturing : Large-Scale 3D-Printing Fixture with Switchable Magnet
Honda Manufacturing : The Knuckle Sandwich
Honda Manufacturing of Alabama: Knuckle Island Shoulder Saver
Honda Manufacturing of Alabama : IR Oven Linear Actuator Ergonomic Improvement
Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC: Radar Love
Honda Manufacturing of South Carolina: Pneumatic Ergo Compression Unit
Honda of America Manufacturing Inc.: Zero Pointers
Honda of America MFG: 2013 Accord Oil Seal Plug Installation
Honda of America Mfg: The Pit Crew
Honda of America Mfg Inc.: Ergo Start Cart
Honda of America MFG Inc. / East Liberty Plant: Flexible Painting Fixtures
Honda of America MFG Inc. / East Liberty Plant: Improving Gravity-Feed Conveyor Roller Delivery Stations
Honda of America MFG Inc. / Marysville Auto Plant: Split Pin Benders
Honda of America Mfg. Inc.: Innovative Organizational Solutions (I.O.S.)
Honda of America Mfg. Inc.: The Mold Changers
Honda of America Mfg., Inc.: Biscuit Breakers
Honda of America Mfg., Inc.: Eliminators
Honda of America MFG., Inc.: Harnessing the Power of Dreams
Honda of America Mfg., Inc.: The Bumper Cart Express
Honda of America Mfg., Inc. : The Enforcers
Honda of America MFG., Inc. / East Liberty Plant : It's In The Bag
Honda of America MFG., Inc. / Marysville Auto Plant : Socket
Honda of America--Marysville AF Department: Heavy Duty--A Mobile Recycling Transporter
Honda of Canada Mfg: “Stuck On You” - Magnetic Part Separation
Honda of Canada Mfg: FAUMAC Ergo Torque Arm
Honda of South Carolina: Carburetor Stud Holder
Honda of South Carolina: Knuckle Cart
Honda of South Carolina : Backlash Back Saver
Honda of South Carolina Mfg. Inc.: Cam Lock
Honda Power Equipment Mfg Inc.: Fuel Tube Insertion Tool
Honda Transmission Manufacturing: Team Clean Machine
Honda Transmission Mfg. : The Fifth Element Filter
Huntington Ingalls Industries, Newport News Shipbuilding: Longitudinal Lift Rig
Isler Genetics: Robotic Boar Mover
Johnson & Johnson: Molten Thymol
Johnson & Johnson: Chemical Cleaning Reinvented: Clean, Lean and Green
Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd: #MAKE to CARE:  simple Pulley System at Mixing Vessels
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care: Talk the Talk - Ergo Moments
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.: Push it ! Real good.
Keystone Foods - Ohio Divison: Final Grinder - Centering Pin Extractor
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company: Weightless High Torque Motor Application for  F-35 Vertical Tails Installation
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics: U2 Canopy Lift Tool Project
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control: “Bullet Train” Zero Lift Pneumatic Backup Tool
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control: THAAD Missile Canister Shock Isolator Compression Tool
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control : Enhanced Launcher Electronics System RECAP Enhanced Tooling
Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training: TB-37 Reeling
Lockheed Martin: Flight-control Rotational Ergonomic Device, FRED 3.0
Manchester Tank: Integrated Paint Hook Removal
Mercury Marine Plant 15 Assembly: B.R.A.T (Bearing Removal Assistance Tool)
Mueller Comapny: The Need to Rotate
Nexteer Automotive: Heat Shield to Hydraulic Hose Assembly Assist Tool
Nexteer Automotive: Hose Tab Bracket Bending Tool
Nexteer Automotive Australia: Steering Anti-Rotation Pin (ARP) Bushing Refurbishment Tool
Nexteer Automotive Plant: Slinger Teardown Tool
Norfolk Southern: Piston Compressor Tool Reduces Force, Awkward Postures
Nucor Steel Gallatin: Electric Arc Furnace Tap Hole Sanding
Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Company: Pipe Core Brake-Out
Polter Berry Farm Inc.: Self-propelled bulk loading harvesting aid
PPG Aerospace: All Torqued Up: Hump Seal Lid “F” clamps
PPG Aerospace: GFA Light Weight Drill Jig Lifting
PPG Coatings : Smart $ Safe Sampler
PPG Industries Lackfabrik GmbH: Cleaning of Stirrer Shafts and Cups
PPG Industries, Sierracin/Sylmar Aerospace Division: Mechanical Autoclave Loading/Unloading Systems
PPG Mojave: Multi-Tool Wizard
Pratt & Whitney: Carbon-Carbon Tooling in Braze-Heat Treat
Pratt & Whitney Canada: Universal Spin Pits Fan Transfer Stand
Pratt & Whitney DARO: Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Part Processing Box
Pratt and Whitney Canada : PW 814 LP Shaft Packaging Cutout
Raytheon: MFU Battery Install
Raytheon Missile Systems: Building 870 Gasket Installation Solution
Raytheon Missile Systems: Facilities Maintenance Mechanics “Lifting the Lid”
Raytheon Missile Systems: Raytheon Test Lift Elimination
Raytheon Missile Systems : Raytheon Section Compression Fixture
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation: Harness Installation Hooks and Spool
Snyder Roofing of Oregon LLC: Rolling Drill Press and Extended Pneumatic Hammer Eliminate Risk Exposures
Spirit AeroSystems: Cut-Down Tilt Table
Spirit AeroSystems: EZ Rotators
Spirit AeroSystems: Large Panel Countersinking
Spirit AeroSystems: Torqueing of Blocker Doors
Spirit AeroSystems : Applied Leverage Tool
Spirit AeroSystems : Torque Wizards
Swagelok Alfred: Monoflange Assembly Work-holding Vise
Swagelok Hose Services Company: Flex Metal Line Reel Carrier
Timken Bearing Plant: Bearing Assembly Functional Inspection Tool
Timken Company - Bearing Inspection, Inc. : 3-2-1 Clamp and Pull
Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America Inc. : Quarter Glass Installation Improvement
Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America Inc. : Tap Tool Ergonomics
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama (TMMAL): Let the Puller Do the Pulling
Toyota Motor Manufacturing America: Back-up Axle Assist Hoist
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada : Hood Adjustment Tool
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana: Flow Rack Flow Control
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky: Ergo Carousel
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky: The Pup (IP Line Kit)
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas : Magnetic Hose Clamp Installation Tool
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas (TMMTX): The Guide Pins
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, TX, Inc.: Batwing
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, TX, Inc.: Engine Pick End Effectors
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, TX, Inc.: SaraSara
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, TX, Inc. : Bumper Chuter
Trane Residential Solutions: Pneumatic Prep Tool
Tyler Pipe and Coupling: Custom Built Conveyor Slide Rail-Caster Moving and Positioning System
United Space Alliance: Taking the Heat - Handling Shuttle's RCC Panels
UTC Aerospace Systems : C-Squeeze Glide Redesign
UTC Fire & Security : Siga Fame Frame
Vesuvius Inc.: Integrated Dip Glaze System for Ceramic Refractory
Vesuvius USA: Applying Antistick Coating to Ceramic Refractory
Volkswagen Group of America: Air Vent Cover Install Tool
Volkswagen Group of America : Cart Wheels and Handles

Repetitive Motions

A&C Welding Inc.: Automatic sandblasting machine and self-darkening welding helmets
Ahresty Wilmington Corporation: Bishamon Lift Tables
Akro-Plastics: Vacuum Resin Conveying System
Amerex Corporation: Dry Paint Ergonomic Hanger
American Quality Stripping, Inc.: Lift recovery carts, power floor scrubber, anti-fatigue mats
Amtech Tool and Machine: CNC milling machine
Ashtabula Rubber Company: Automated Time and Attendance System
Autoplas, Division of Windsor Mold Ohio Inc.: Remanufactured Fanuc Robot
Boeing: 777 Wings Lower Trailing Edge Drill Ergo Improvement Assembly
Boeing Company/Interiors Responsibility Center: Versatile Bin Holding Carriage
EHS, Boeing Fabrication:  Hand Finishing Elimination Initiative
Bridgestone Warren County: Right off the Bat
Bucyrus Precision Technologies: Larger and harder wheels plus electric tug
Capital Resin Corporation: Vacuum operated material handling device
Cardington Yutaka Tech. Inc.: Cylinder lift and conveyor system
Caterpillar Inc.: People, Quality, Velocity, Cost Benefits Achieved through Packaging Improvement
Cintas: EGO (Ergonomics-on-the Go)
Coca-Cola: Conveyor Cleaner
Coca-Cola Refreshments: Drum Spreading Tool
Dunedin Juice Plant (CCNA): CryoVac Juice Extractor
Cordis Corp: The Dual Inspector: One Gadget for All
Cordis Corporation: The Automated Multiple Splitter
Cotner & Cooley, CPA: Keyboard trays, document holders, ergonomic chairs and monitor supports
Crawford County: Adjustable chairs, document holders, task lights, glare screens
Cordis Corporation: The Spool Handler: A simple and unique solution to the handling of spools
Cordis de Mexico: Kaizen Project Reduces Ergonomics Risk and Improves Production Output
David Price Metal Services, Inc.: Overhead cranes with plate clamps and lift magnets
DePuy Synthes: J.E.D Clamp-It (Justifying Ergonomic Design)
DOE Joint Genome Institute: It's SO Easy Being Green
DePuy Synthes Products, Inc: “Dog Bone” Tool
Drycleaning Operations: Automatic tying machines
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.: Crushing High Ergonomic Risk in Lockout Press
Ethicon, Cordis de Mexico S.A. de C.V.: Ergonomic Risk Reduction in Removal of PTFE Station
Fireline, Inc.: Bulk Bag Material Unload and Feeder System
Ford Motor Company : Multi Pattern Exhaust Manifold Stud Fixture
Forum Manufacturing, Inc.: Mechanical Lift Tables
Fox Floor & Cabinet Co., Inc.: CNC Drilling Machine
Fresh Products Inc.: Automatic Bottle Capper and Rotary Hot Stamp Press
GE Energy: Gen II ICB Rhombic Assembly Process
GE Healthcare: Westborough Automated Cartridge Cleaner
General Electric Company: Gas Turbine Airfoil Cutback
Honda: Easy Does It 2
Honda of America MFG., Inc.:  Associate Training Facility
Honda of America Mfg., Inc.: Torque Eliminators
Honda of Canada Mfg: Ergo Logic - New Model Packaging Process
Honda Transmission Manufacturing: Spline Checkers
Hyper Tool: Automatic Surface Grinders
I. Schumann & Co.: Tilting Lift Tables
JAC Products: “EP 5 PT Ergopulse” drills and sorbothane anti-vibration gloves
Jenkins Sign Company: Mobile work stand with platform ladder
JF Bernard: ROTO-DIE hydraulic bender and Eagle hydraulic power notcher
Johnson & Johnson: Ergonomic Solution for the Strip-of-plastic-bag Packing Area
Joint Genome Institute : Flip Your Lid
Joslyn Hi-Voltage Corporation: CNC milling machine
Kent Adhesive Products Company (Kapco): Electric rotating lift tables and anti-fatigue mats
Kramer Enterprises Inc., City Laundry: Continuous flow order processing system
Lockheed Martin Corporation: ATCS (Advanced Tow Cable Scrubber)
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control : Nutplate Ring Rivet Press
Los Alamos National Laboratory: Detonator Potting Upgrades Eliminate Ergonomic Risks and Productivity Issues
MacQueen Orchards: Automated Sorting and Bagging Machine
Malco Products, Inc.: Automated case packers and palletizers
Manchester Tank and Equipment: User-Friendly Threadless Coupling Vessel Hanger
Maumee Valley Bottlers: Automated de- capper
Mazzella Wire Rope & Sling Co.: Bridge cranes, jib cranes, and storage racks
Neer Manufacturing: Automated Part Assembler
Nexteer Automotive: Human Fatigue Testing
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics: Successful Ergonomic Risk Mitigation during Change Control Process
Oxford Automotive: Lift and tilt tables and anti-fatigue mats
Paramount Lawn Service: Mini skid steer plus attachments
Phoenix Products Inc.: Automatic Leak-Test machine
Power & Control Systems Co. Inc.: Electric hoists
PPG Aerospace Transparencies: Clamp Assist System
PPG Industries: Next Generation Lighted Inspection Tables
PPG Industries : Cap Seal Filling Unit
Precision Graphic Services, Inc.: New programmable saddlebinder machine
Raytheon Dine' Facility: Screw Rethreading Project
Recycling Express: Automatic book debinder
Reino Linen Service Inc.: “PikQuik” flatwork separating machines
Spirit AeroSystems: Tabletop Countersink
Stevenson Photo Color Co.: Jogger/Aerator machine and pallet lift
The Plastic Lumber Co., Inc.: Pneumatic chop saws, semi-automatic cut-off saw, and boring machine
Thomas-Lyle Inc., DBA: ServiceMaster: “Tommy Gate” hydraulic lift
Tia Rosa Bakery of Ohio: Toledo, OH
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA): Automatic Door Slammer
Toyota Motor Manufacturing : Die Setter Laser Light Marker
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (TMMC West): Lift Assist Trolley
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, MS Inc : Hanging Process Dolly
Toyota Motor Thailand Co. Ltd.: Improve Method of Changing Direction for Supply Dolly
Tyler Union, a Division of McWane, Inc: Dip Line Hook Cleaning Process
Vision Center Industries: Adjustable work tables, adjustable padded chairs, hydraulic lift tables
Volkswagen Group of America: Drive Shaft Delivery Method
Volkswagen Group of America : Baffle Installation Lever
W. Stoller’s Honey: On-The-Fly Lid Press with automatic conveyor and case erector
Whitaker Surface Systems: Automatic barrel hoist with larger tanks
Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc.: High lift hand trucks, plastic pallets, and automatic mail folder/inserter
Yamaha Motor Mfg Corp - Georgia Advanced Metals : Automated Run Out

Static Postures

Boeing Company: 767 Overhead Video Monitor Lift
Boeing Company: Berry Masking Tool
Caterpillar: TTK Sub Frame Line Manipulator
Coca-Cola: Conveyor Cleaner
DOE - Joint Genome Institute: JGI Employee-Focused Ergonomic Office and Laboratory Workstations
Eagle Services Asia Pte Ltd: Adaptor Install Jack/fixture Improvement (ESA)
Ethicon: Postural Education on Filling and Folding process
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, S.A. de C.V.: Ergonomics Excellence of a Medical Device Line through Lean Transformation
Ethicon, Cordis de Mexico S.A de C.V. Circuito Interior, Cd:  Ergonomic Risk Reduction Leads Increase of Production Productivity and Saving
Ethicon Inc.& Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. : Reducing Ergonomic Risks Through Cross Facility Process Integration of Product Sampling
GE Energy :  Closure Blade Installation - The "Lock Driver"
General Dynamics/Bath Iron Works: OpGear Jig
General Electric: Handling Lamination Solution
General Electric Company - GE Healthcare: Ergo WALK @ Lunch
General Electric (GE) Healthcare: X-Ray AMX/AMX4 Battery Changes
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation : Coaming Drilling Improvements
Honda of America MFG., Inc.: Engine Assembly Gasket Separator
Honda of America Mfg., Inc.: Revolution!
Intel Corporation (Intel Technology Sdn Bhd): TIU I.C.A.R.E Jig
Nexteer: Rotation Fixture for Heavy Part Inspection
Nexteer Automotive:  "Thinking Inside of the Box" - Machined Parts Cleaning Device
Nexteer Automotive :  Plastic Flash Removal Tool
PPG: Articulating Motor Mover
Spirit AeroSystems: Large Panel Countersinking
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, TX, Inc.: Batwing
UTC Aerospace Systems : C-Squeeze Glide Redesign