Program-Related Solutions

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Boeing Company: Ergonomic Blitz

Cat Brazil Limited: Ergonomic Transformation of Track Group Assembly through Implementation of RIW Caterpillar

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Caterpillar Inc.: IMOD East Peoria Ergonomics Process

Cummins Filtration: Ergonomic Analysis and Stretching Program

Cummins Inc: Color Coded Rotation: A Visual Management System

Cummins Inc.: Using 6S to Define the Ergonomic Risk Management Process

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Delphi Powertrain Systems: Ergo Corner: Visual Approach Promoting Ergonomics on Shop Floor

Delphi Steering : Ergonomics Design-In Checklist Training for Engineers

DOE - Joint Genome Institute: JGI Employee-Focused Ergonomic Office and Laboratory Workstations

DOE Joint Genome Institute: In the Beginning....There was Ergo; Migrating Ergo Upstream

EMCOR Group Inc.: Improving Construction Safety Outcomes by Changing the Way we Work

Estee Lauder Companies: Behavior Based Ergonomics

Ethicon Inc.& Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. : Reducing Ergonomic Risks Through Cross Facility Process Integration of Product Sampling

Ethicon: Ergonomic Risk Reduction Management System Model

Ethicon: Postural Education on Filling and Folding process

Ford Motor Co.: Hose Connections Acceptability Ratings (HCAR) Process

GE Aviation : J.S.E.R.B. Ergonomics Program

GE Healthcare - Surgery: Design for Ergonomics

GE Healthcare : Ergonomics Advanced Training

GE Healthcare IT :  Ergo@home - providing ergonomics support for the telecommuter

GE Healthcare Surgery: ErgoCultivation

GE Power Controls : New Program for GE LODZ Facility: “ERGO RESPONSIBLE”

GE Power Controls: Interactive Ergo Knowledge

GE Transportation Systems : Ergo Event Stations

General Electric Company: Gas Turbine Airfoil Cutback

General Electric Transportation: Propulsion Ergo Program Improvement Initiative

General Electric Company - GE Healthcare: Ergo WALK @ Lunch

General Electric Oil & Gas: Beyond Ergo Basics & Building an Ergo Culture

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company: Ergonomics Training Center and Sandbox

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation: 2 Minute Ergo

Gulfstream Aerospace: Thinking Outside the Box to Build the Box

Honda of America Manufacturing Inc.: Partnership for a Health Workforce

Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.: Ergomation - A Comprehensive Training and Development Package

Honda of America MFG., Inc.:  Associate Training Facility

Honda of America Mfg., Inc.: Ergo Coach

Honda of Canada Mfg: Ergo Logic - New Model Packaging Process

Honda of Canada Mfg: Peer-to-Peer Ergonomic Champions

Honda of Canada Mfg.: Change Point Safety Protocol

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing : Early Symptom Intervention - Addressing Symptoms, Not Injuries

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama:  Ergo Captains - Identify, Assess and Address

Intel Corporation (Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd.): Stretch for Ergo

Johnson & Johnson ETHICON: Healthy “PIES” Fuel Lives

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care: Talk the Talk - Ergo Moments

Johnson & Johnson: e-Learning and Self-Assessment Ergonomic Tool

Joint Genome Institute: Empowering Employees in Ergonomics

Lockheed Martin Space: Effectively Leveraging Virtual Reality to Enhance Ergonomics Integration

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)/CDC: Simple Solutions: Ergonomics for Construction Workers

Navistar International: Standard Ergonomic Evaluation Process

Nexteer Automotive : Ergonomics Kaizen Process

Nexteer Automotive Australia: 3D Printing…. Bringing Ergonomic Solutions to Life!

Nexteer Automotive Plant: RULA Android Mobile Software

Nexteer Automotive: Human Fatigue Testing

Nexteer Automotive: It's Raining Ergonomics

Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding: Ergonomic Training Rotation for Shipbuilding Apprentice Craftsmen

Pacific Gas & Electric Company: Team Based Ergonomic Interventions in a Large Electric Utility

Pinnacol Assurance: Office Ergonomics Computer Based Training Program

RIM, Research in Motion Offices Satellite Locations and Remote Workers: Building a Sustainable Office Ergo Program: Reaching Remote Employees

Swagelok Co.: Foundational Lean Program

Texas Instruments : Face-to-face Surveys of Fab Employees

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA)& Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama, Inc. (TMMAL), :  The Adventures of Ergoman

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.&Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia: Application of an Ergonomics Management System