AI technology changing the future by enabling Manufacturing 4.0AI technology changing the future by enabling Manufacturing 4.0

As AI technologies become more prevalent and accessible, an interdisciplinary set of skills and people are collaborating to transforming industries. Can we use AI to empower other technologies and processes, including the internet of things (IoT), robotic process automation and additive manufacturing for accurate data acquisition and analysis with real-time model development and prediction?
By Ben Amaba, Valerie Clark, Dawn Cross and Mike McMahon

AI engineering solutions from the gardenAI engineering solutions from the garden

Sometimes inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places. For Alan Turing, the code-breaking hero of World War II, the patterns he found in nature influenced his approach to solving the problems of computing and artificial intelligence. It all started in his garden.
By Joseph Byrum

Measuring motivational factors that affect work performanceMeasuring motivational factors that affect work performance

Some of the new ideas and concepts such as the IRA Index will be quite radical in the eyes of the “establishment” and may evoke some chuckles and guffaws. When you get that kind of reaction you could be well on the way to making a significant improvement to the business.
By Adam Cywar

Bringing industry examples to the classroomBringing industry examples to the classroom

Preparing students with real-world skills is a core focus of our universities. Industry advisers can partner with faculties to balance fundamental learning with evolving industry needs and expose students to multiple industries. The Cal-Poly-San Luis Obispo IME faculty/industry advisory board partnership accepted this challenge by leveraging Cal Poly's "learn by doing" tradition to deliver a course
By Dave Hampton and Karla Carichner