IISE Artificial Intelligence Symposium 2020 - March 31 in Atlanta

Artificial Intelligence + ISEs = ????

Engineers' Role in Artificial Intelligence and Technology

With the approach of the Cognitive Era, our world is dramatically and rapidly changing the engineer’s role. The tools as well as the systems themselves are embedded with new technologies – everything from infrastructure, buildings, roads, environment, natural resources, manufacturing facilities, homes, offices, automobiles and more.

It’s on engineers to usher us into this transition – and on into the future. ISEs must lead, rather than follow, on the road to digitization, which affects manufacturing and engineering industries globally. Artificial Intelligence is on the rise, creating efficiencies, new products and services to respond to market dynamics. AI holds the promise of creating smarter, safer, efficient and more secure systems.

In this program, you’ll learn the primary skills engineers need in the adoption and application of this fast-moving technology as well as becoming acquainted with the systems used. In addition, the program covers important opportunities for engineers to take a proactive role and addresses the challenges along the way as we transition into the Cognitive Era.